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6 personalized hardware lamps, eye-catching design, beautiful (Group map)

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-21
Installing a personalized lighting for the room can not only protect your eyes, but also make the room full of emotional appeal. What kind of lighting can arouse your liking? Hejiawang Xiaobian recommends 6 super-personalized lighting to meet your lighting and decoration functions. Let's take a look. PART1 study of personalized lighting [img] /uploadpic/news/2011121316310564. jpg. Jpg> 6 personalized lighting have you ever seen an unplugged light bulb? This product fully satisfies all your curiosity about not inserting a light bulb. It is a non-plug-in ice cube lamp that can absorb sunlight. A green fluorescent bulb is embedded in a clear square brick. It can be charged for a period of time as long as it is exposed to natural sunlight or general light, that is, it can emit mild fluorescence in the dark night.
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