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Solar Inverter

ALLTOP Lighting's products fall into several categories, and solar inverters are one of them. High frequency hybrid solar inverter: built-in MPPT solar charging controller, working modes include :AC input priority: battery priority: generator mode, etc.

One-piece solar inverter, intelligent low frequency pure sine wave inverter: automatic wake up MPPT charging controller, automatic overload bypass, automatic recovery from overload/overtemperature/low battery break, real solar controller. Unlike other high-frequency machines, it has a large transformer, so it can load air conditioning, water pump, compressor and other induction appliances for a long time. Hd LCD display, full field of vision real-time monitoring data, typical transmission time, charging current and charging voltage adjustable River: compatible with lead acid and lithium battery types multilevel intelligent charging, designed software protection to prevent overload, short circuit, overheating, undervoltage and overdischarge, in addition, we strictly monitor and control the quality and cost of each production process. Adhere to the use of high quality materials and advanced technology manufacturing solar lighting. All these guarantee high quality products and favorable prices. ALLTOP meets not only the domestic quality standards, but also ROHS,CE and other international LED lamp quality and safety standards, we provide 3 year warranty, peace of mind to buy

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