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ALLTOP New Product Arrival

ALLTOP New Product Arrival

         Nowadays, the situation of resources shortage will stay for a long time. Green energy is more and more important in the future. So our company, ALLTOP, must do something to meet the mainstream, producing environmentally friendly products, and making green energy take to every single home.

        Recently, we launch some new designs of small solar storing energy systems. Firstly, we would love to introduce the system with radio as below.

        This product is a type of portable micro generation system which is designed for no or lack of electricity area. It can be used at home, outside or commercial area, field operation, camping, breeding industry, farm, night market, agritainment, etc. 

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        We design three different wattages providing selections, 30W, 40W, 50W. There is an antenna to receive the FM, the radio frequency range is 87.5~108MHz, believing the radio function could make your life fill more fun. There are 3 bulbs equipped with a system, so it also can be used as emergency lighting.

        Besides there is an indicator to show the rest of the power, the advanced LiFePO4 battery lasts at least 2000 charge cycles and will last three nights with one day charge. It owns 3 USB output, supplying power to charge the phone, fan, laptop, MP3, solar flood light, and so on.

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       Moreover, we provide a 3-year warranty for the system, which could get assurance of quality from us. The price of this model is pretty affordable, and with the nice design, there are many customers who are interested and ask for the sample once we push out. Such great products, you deserve.

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      Secondly, we also research and develop a 500W home use off-grid solar inverter system.

It is an off-grid solar generator designed to provide stable and reliable power to homes and communities or areas without or even electricity without access to grid power. The solar system is characterized by convenient movement, easy installation, and reliable performance, which is very suitable for situations requiring emergency power.

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       It's a portable solar power system that is a reliable energy source for many applications such as lighting, radios, fans, TVs, computers, refrigerators. The USB port is compatible with all 5V-USB charging devices. It can also be used as a backup power source in emergency situations.

       The 500W system equips with a polycrystalline solar panel of 18V 90W, and 2 pieces of 5W LED bulb. It adopts the advanced LiFePO4 battery, and the luminous efficacy is 160lm/W. Equipped with three different interfaces: AC, USB, and car charger port, providing AC and DC output in two different voltage modes, which can power multiple devices at the same time. 

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     Some attention events when using the system as follows:

     ·Please avoid looking directly at the light. 

     ·The charging and dismantling process must be carried out in a safe place. 

     ·Do not short-circuit, disassemble; do not put in the water and near the fire. 

     ·Without professionals, do not attempt to repair or replace the battery, the supplier shall not be responsible for any damage of the consequence of replacing or repairing the battery that not conducted by the supplier.

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