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ALLTOP lighting system design concept

ALLTOP lighting design follows the principles of green, environmental protection and energy saving lighting:


Protecting the environment, including reducing pollutant emissions during the life cycle of lighting fixtures, using clean light sources, natural light sources and green materials to control light pollution.


Energy conservation, high-efficiency electric light source can significantly reduce the energy consumption of cooling lamps to emit heat.


Good health, providing a comfortable, pleasant and safe high-quality lighting environment.


Create a light culture that reflects modern civilization. Adopting high-efficiency energy-saving solar lighting products, we must first select high-efficiency and high-quality light source. The high-quality light source is embodied in the following four points: The light emitted by the light source is the full-color light. The spectral composition of the light should be free of ultraviolet light and infrared light. The color temperature should be close to natural light. The lighting is no-frequency flash, so that the green solar street lighting is in place. On the basis of good light source quality, and matching with high-quality lighting technology, both are indispensable. The integration of solar street lighting technology is reflected in: glare small illumination High illumination distribution uniform lighting control: The most basic function of lighting control is to control the lighting of lighting appliances, suitable for scientific lighting control, to create an environment atmosphere, save energy, easy to use, effective anti-theft, PIR Sensor, intelligent light control High-tech functions such as smart cameras.

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The area lighting control adopts the method of light control and time control, infrared combination control, and adopts modular intelligent control system in landscape lighting to meet the creation of various atmospheres. The overall function lighting of the area adopts the combination of light control and time control. When it is sunny, it is controlled by time control mode and rainy day in light control mode to meet the basic function lighting requirements, and at the same time it can control the switch lights well. Time, saving energy. The area lighting control is divided into three modes from the use state: weekday mode, weekend mode, holiday mode. Weekday: Open all functional lighting in the zone to ensure pedestrian safety, and open the landscape lighting of the commercial entertainment zone and the tourism cultural zone. Weekend: Open all functional lighting, commercial entertainment area, tourism and cultural area, and ecological living area leisure and entertainment venue landscape lighting Festival: Open all functional lighting and landscape lighting in the area. Includes performance lighting for tall buildings. Commercial shopping plaza architectural lighting design, landscape garden lighting section.

Solar Panel Battery Type Color temperature
Polycrystalline LiFePO4 3000K
Mono-Crystalline        Lithium-Ion 6000K
Multi-component solar panel
Gel battery 

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Solar street light (road lighting): The lighting source on the main road in the garden should use low-power, high-color high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps. The pole spacing can be 15m-25m. Single-sided luminaires are suitable for narrower roads. The luminaires are staggered in a zigzag pattern for a wider road surface. The symmetrical arrangement of the lamps is suitable for wide road surface. Generally, this method of lighting is adopted at the main entrance of the garden green space, which can well express the atmosphere, and has good inducibility and uniform brightness. Lawn lights can be used on the secondary roads in the garden. The setting should avoid direct light entering the field of view. The spacing should be 3.5H-5H (H is the installation height of the lawn lamp from the ground). High-power street lighting (square landscape lighting): In the square lighting design, the lamps should be correctly and reasonably selected to avoid light pollution, and the long-life electric light source should be selected, and the concealment of the lamps should be paid attention to. Lighting fixtures in the square should also take into account the shape and color of the daytime landscape lighting and the overall environment of the square. Floodlighting (Plant Lighting): Two buried metal halide lamps can be installed under the tree relative to the individual trees, and the light is illuminated from both directions. For rows or rows of trees, buried floodlights are used to hide between trees and trees. For the forest, the floodlights can be used as the background. For the regular hedges, the spotlights can be hidden in the bushes to create a star-shaped beauty. For plants with insufficient sunshine, light-filling lamps with high color rendering index and high color temperature are used to supplement the light to facilitate plant growth. Sports ground and parking lot lighting: The sports field and parking lot are functional lighting. Therefore, in the choice of solar lighting equipment, the focus is on its actual brightness and safety lighting. Guarantee the smooth use of nighttime. Urban furniture landscape lighting: urban furniture landscapes include bus stops, telephone booths, newsstands, signs, sculptures, etc. Bus functional stations, signs and other functional components, "brightness and light color" need to be unified control, to meet the functional requirements, try to control the overall brightness, color is 1-2. The independently designed art landscape, energy lighting atmosphere and facilities should be coordinated with the surrounding architectural style, and the lighting and ancillary facilities should be coordinated with the green design. The goal of solar garden lighting is to continuously excavate the connotation and charm of architecture and landscape, and create a night environment. While expressing the vitality of buildings and landscapes, reducing light energy consumption and light pollution, we strive to harmonize the beauty of urban lighting with the theme of energy conservation and emission reduction, and finally enable people to easily integrate into it and realize the light culture.

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The design of solar lighting system should be done from the perspective of people: Bright: basic requirements of people for light, suitable ambient brightness and uniformity. Comfort: people's applicability to light, preventing glare

Finally, each ALLTOP lighting solar inverter system can provide high-quality service solutions to meet the needs of customers, taking into account the project's geographical location, weather conditions and lighting design requirements.

We look forward to working with you to find cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions to meet your solar outdoor lighting and gridless solar needs.

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