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ALLTOP World Cup Engineering Project

The FIFA World Cup (FIFA World Cup), referred to as the "World Cup", is the participation of the World's national teams, symbolizing the highest honor in football, and has the greatest visibility and influence of the football tournament.  The World Cup is held every four years.   World Cup events in countries likes Argentina, Canada,    Qatar, etc. 

What kind of outdoor lighting fixtures should be considered in government projects in  event  area?  They prefer solar street light all in one type from Alltop Lighting. Bellow event pictures showed the project adopt ALLTOP All in one solar street light 0400C25-02. 

For this model, it is famous for its die casting aluminum durable housing and high quality LED chips, MPPT controller, and new LifePO4 batteries, Mono-crystalline solar panel  etc.  

So what is the advantage of all in one solar street light? 

Solar integrated street lamp/garden lamp is an integrated solar energy product, with simple shape integrating today's best green energy combination (solar panel, ultra-bright semiconductor LED light source, lithium iron phosphate battery).  Equipped with human body intelligent induction system, to achieve low power consumption, long time, high brightness, 8 years life free maintenance, independent creation of innovative products.  

Integrated solar street light is integrated design, simple, fashionable, lightweight and practical;  

· Use solar power to save electric energy and protect earth resources; 

· Use high-capacity and long-life lithium battery to ensure the service life of the product;  

· No cable, extremely convenient installation;  

· Waterproof structure, safe and reliable;  

· Easy to expand timing, voice control and other functions;  

· Modular design concept, easy to install, maintain, repair;  

· Alloy material as the main structure, with good rust and corrosion prevention function;  

Mains lighting lamps and lanterns is due to the construction quality, landscape engineering, material aging, power supply, gas pipeline conflict has many potential safety problems, therefore, solar street lamps become more and more popular, especially the integration of solar street lights, dispense with the trouble that wiring, easy installation of lamps and lanterns, cost savings, smart and practical . High technology bring much more convenience to people. So that environment and people’s life will be better and better. 

So let’s choose high quality All in one solar street light for road, landscape, town and country, all kinds of outdoor use. Even we can choose solar energy for indoor use. Please pay attention to Alltop website. There will be update for new products with new technology.  Let’s see it and enjoy the new products bring the fun and business chance. 

Welcome for inquiry and to be our distributors! 

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