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Solar photovoltaic is a new guarantee for Enterprises

Solar photovoltaic is a new guarantee for Enterprises

This year, due to the disorderly and illegal use of energy by some key energy-consuming enterprises, energy-saving measures in various regions are in a severe situation.

Due to the shortage of power supply, more than 10 provinces have successively issued notices of "power curtailment and shutdown". The power curtailment policy brought by the "dual control" to enterprises, coupled with the resurgence of the epidemic, will have a heavy blow to the production chain of enterprises and the local and national economies. The key to achieving the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality is to replace traditional technologies with green technologies to reduce carbon emissions. In fact, the "dual control" goal corresponds to higher-quality development.

At present, many high energy-consuming enterprises choose to use clean energy while improving their own efficiency, and directly use the green electricity produced by the factory buildings. Distributed photovoltaics on the roofs of enterprise factories are currently the most direct and convenient form of clean energy utilization. It can not only provide clean photovoltaic power to enterprises, but also bring certain economic effects to enterprises through the Internet. As the country attaches great importance to reducing energy consumption, policy standards will be strict year by year. and the use of photovoltaic power will Effectively reduce the carbon emission level of emission control companies.

Distributed photovoltaics mainly have the following four advantages:

1. Reduce the energy cost of enterprises and relax their energy use restrictions.


2. Save peak electricity bills and sell surplus electricity online


For high-energy-consuming production enterprises, installing photovoltaic power plants can save a lot of electricity expenses, and even make a profit. For production companies that are striving for division, the yield of photovoltaic power generation is higher than that of many traditional production companies. Photovoltaic power generation not only solves the company's own electricity problem, the additional power generation can also create new economic benefits for the company.


3. Promote energy saving and emission reduction, and produce good social benefits


4. Heat insulation and cold protection, increase environmental comfort


Photovoltaic panels have the function of heat insulation. After photovoltaic modules are placed on the roof, the temperature of the downstairs factory can be effectively reduced, while the comfort of the workers in the factory can be ensured, and the smooth operation of production equipment indirectly reduces the cooling of the enterprise. cost.


The state adopts "dual control" of energy consumption, not only to encourage the use of green electricity, but more importantly: strictly control the intensity of energy consumption, force adjustments in the industrial structure and energy structure, and guide the high-quality development of the local economy.

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