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Things to consider when install LED wall lights for outdoor lighting

The many advantages of LED lighting have made many people use LED lighting in companies and homes. They save money and have many other benefits. But regardless of whether you want to use LED lights or parking lights in your area, remember certain things so that you can choose the most suitable setting for you.


The flexibility of the strip 

Flexible LED strips can be a key factor in their application. Solid strips are ideal, for example, for exchanging fluorescent lamps, although there is almost nothing that can be done with an elastic band. Therefore, flexibility is often a blessing, not a burden. The strips are usually flexible only in one dimension, which is exactly the direction in which the bulbs can be large. The most common type of tape is that the LEDs are illuminated, so if, for example, you want to light a circle, you should look for ribbons on the sides to form in the right direction.


Another important factor affecting performance is, of course, the number of LEDs on the tape inside the meter. The higher the number, the brighter the tape, although very large numbers within the subway often require special techniques, such as double width rods - where the LED indicator is not placed one by one, in two or three rows side by side. With ribbons containing a large number of LEDs, always check their layout, because lamps placed next to each other can emit high heat and significantly reduce the life of the tape.

Your goals

What exactly are you trying to achieve? For example, it is not sensible to use a 20W LED outdoor wall light only to illuminate a small wall panel in the corridor when you can actually use a 4W bulb with low light to achieve the desired effect. The market has many options when it comes to LEDs for a given area, and you should start by getting to know your goals so that you can make the right decision.


Determines the power of light that you get at the end of the day. The LED brand directly affects the brightness, and the LED affects the power of light. The type and quality of material can also affect brightness, which is why different LEDs give different light intensities at the same power level due to differences in processing. Different lighting units are suitable for a variety of settings. For example, 3W LEDs can be used in lampshades, under benches, candlelight lamps, and spotlights, and 5 W LEDs can be used in wall luminaires.

The lumens 

It measures the total amount of light emitted by a light source and LED lamps of different brightness. To see which bulbs are lighter, LED bulbs should be used instead of incandescent bulbs. Select the light to get the best light intensity for the specific area you want to highlight.

Beam angles 

The LED outdoor wall light has a light beam angle of 120 degrees, but when the downlight and LEDs are obtained, the most appropriate beam angles must be considered. For example, a beam angle of 60 degrees may be suitable for ceilings with a height of 2.5 to 3.5 meters, while the best service for a roof angle of more than 5 meters is the beam angle from 24 degrees to 30 degrees. On the other hand, lighting must be controlled by the size of the object.

Color rendering

It is the ability of a light source to reflect the actual reflection of colors on a light object. The higher the color rendering index, the closer the day is, and the daylight represents the object or area completely. Remember how many times you have to use bulbs when you think about the color rendering index to make the right choice.

The size or type of LED

Of all the factors listed above, the type and size of the attached LED lamp can be the most important, both of which determine its brightness or efficiency. Of course, the more LED outdoor wall light technology is modern, the larger its size, the greater its brightness.


When looking for LED lighting, many factors need to be taken into account regardless of size and design. The more you interest, the more likely you will have the best-LED lighting solutions for specific areas.

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