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How much solar panel can meet family electricity?

One square-meter solar power board can generate 150-160W power. About 20 square meters of Pacific Plate can be used for daily use of inverter loss about 80%of the power.

Let's calculate how much electricity is used every day at home, such as my family, about 20 kWh a day. 24 hours a day, but the average sunny place I live is generally 6.6 hours. This requires a solar board to provide 20 kWh of electricity within 6.6 hours. That is, 3.03 kilowatts per hour, even if we are 3 kilowatts. The maximum conversion rate of ordinary solar panels is 22%, and solar energy is about 1000W per square meter. Then the conversion rate of solar panels is about 220W per square meter, which is equivalent to 0.22 kilowatts per hour. Essence Essence

3/0.22 is about 13.6 square meters. So my home needs about 13.6 square meters of solar panels.

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However, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is also high, and it is more suitable for power generation in outdoor sunlight; thin film solar cells have a high cost of equipment, but consumption and battery costs are very low, but the photoelectric conversion efficiency is more than half of the crystalline silicon battery tablets, but the weak light effect Very good, can also generate electricity under ordinary lights

It is used to bare fixed tempered glass and power generation subjects (such as battery films). The advantages and disadvantages of transparent EVA materials directly affect the life of the component, and the EVA is easily yellowed in the air, which affects the light transmission of the component.

As a result, in addition to the quality of EVA itself, the quality of component manufacturers has a very large impact. For example, the EVA glue does not meet the standard, and the adhesion intensity of EVA and the backplane panel will cause EVA to aging early aging. , Affect the life of the component.

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