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Portable solar power system

Portable solar power system

After Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition on June 2023, we found many customers are interested in portable solar power system, most of them think that this is a trending product, especially in places where energy is scarce or power consumption is tight, and power outages are frequent. In addition, for some consumer groups who like camping and self-driving travel, portable systems are also a good choice.

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Portable solar power system, also known as "large power bank" or "outdoor power supply", is a small energy storage device with a built-in lithium battery and can be matched with solar panels. It has the characteristics of multiple cycle charging and discharging, wide adaptability, safety and convenience.

The battery capacity of portable solar power system is in the range of 300-1500WH, with rich interfaces, which can support 99% of digital product charging, and can be used outdoors for about 1-2 days.In addition to charging in advance, portable system can also be used with solar panels. The output power of a single solar panel is between 60w-325W, so that when the battery power is exhausted, the system can be charged outdoors with photovoltaics to form a small solar power generation system to achieve continuous off-grid power generation and extend the battery life.

The application scenes of portable solar power system is outdoor activities and emergency preparedness:

1. Outdoor activities: such as self-driving travel, outdoor camping, can be powered supply for digital products, small household appliances, etc., including speakers, mobile phones, laptop, fans, car refrigerators, drones and other equipment, it can also be applied to outdoor operations , exploration and detection. If power supply for 1000WH equipment it can last for 2-3 days, which matches short-distance power demand.

In recent years, the enthusiasm for outdoor activities is high and digital home appliances are upgraded, and the demand for outdoor applications of portable energy storage is the largest, typically in the European and American market.

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2. Emergency scenarios: such as indoor emergency power outage, small emergency rescue, etc. For example,disasters frequently occur in Japan, and the public has a strong awareness of emergency preparedness. Its total demand in 2020 accounts for 29.6% of the world's total.

Therefore, as portable solar systems are more and more accepted by the market, our company --ALLTOP is also constantly developing and upgrading solar system products. Our products are deeply loved by customers and also can help different kinds of customers occupy the market quickly.

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