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Portable Solar Charging System, also be called Outdoor Power Charging System

A portable Solar Charging System also called an Outdoor Power Charging System, is one of is stored with LITHINUM Battery, which is a large Storage/Power/Portable, etc. Normally the Storage of batteries is around 1000WH-1500WH with AC&DC Input, AC Output, USB Port, etc, applied to Outdoor Activities, Emergency, Medical Emergency, etc.

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As for the Construction of a Portable Solar System, it is similar to Power Bank, but the power of Output is bigger and safer, more functional, etc. During input&output System, it consists of more than 10 electrical modules, such as AC/DC Transfer, DC Converter, Charging Agreement, Battery BMS, Wireless Charging, SINE Wire Inverter, etc.

Currently, there are more different types of Portable Systems in the market, how to get the proper one from them? Firstly, we confirm how to work in what Situation and also check more with Electrical Equipment, such as Port, Voltage, Power, etc. For example, a Portable solar system can match to work with most Mobile, Cameras, laptops, etc, which can work with 300-500W Outdoor Portable Systems.

If you want to go camping or drive outdoor activities and have more functions, such as Kettle, Rice Cooker, Car Fridge, etc, you can try to apply with 500-1000W Portable System, etc. 

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If you prefer to be charged with electrical equipment, such as Fridge, electronic Cooker, Air Conditioner, etc, you can try to work with Portable Solar System with 1000W-2000W Outdoor Power, and Battery Storage will be matched with 2000-5000wh but should be considered more based on actual requirement. 

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More Charging Ports can help Solar Systems to be charging on batteries. Currently, there are three Main Charging Ways, Solar Panel, AC, and Car Charging. Solar Panel Charging is the most friendly-environmental charging during three of them. And AC Power is fast and cheaper , but work with AC-DC Transfer. For Car Charging, it is applied with Outdoor Driving on Raining days ONLY.

As for Consideration on Portable Solar Systems, more Charging Ports will be better, such as USB Port, QC3.0 Port Wireless Port, etc.

Finally, when we store with Portable Solar Systems, there are Four Main to be cautious.

1: Please try to put them in Dry places for storage, do not leave them to close Fire, under the Water, or Outdoor.

2: Please do not shake Portable Solar System to avoid the Battery with Notch, Broken/Deform, etc. If do occur, please try to stop using it.

3: Please try to be charged once within three months. If do not take use with Portable System, please keep at least 50% Battery to save Database.

4: Do not work under Lower Temperatures for long-term. It is better to work from -15 Degrees to 45 Degrees. When it is in use, please try not to work under the Sun directly to make the Battery over-heat.

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