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Advantages of solar street lamp

The main advantages of solar street lamps include:

① energy saving. Solar street lamps use the natural light source of nature to reduce the consumption of electric energy; 

Safety, there may be potential safety hazards caused by construction quality, material aging, abnormal power supply, and other reasons. The solar street lamp does not use AC but uses a battery to absorb solar energy and convert low-voltage DC into light energy, so there is no potential safety hazard; 

Environmental protection, solar street lamps are pollution-free and radiation-free, in line with the modern concept of green environmental protection;

④ High tech content, solar street lamps are controlled by an intelligent controller, which can automatically adjust the brightness of lamps according to the natural brightness of the sky within 1D and the brightness required by people in various environments; 

Durable. At present, the production technology of most solar cell modules is enough to ensure that the performance will not decline for more than 10 years. Solar cell modules can generate electricity for 25 years or more; 

⑥ The maintenance cost is low. In remote areas far from cities and towns, the cost of maintaining or repairing conventional power generation, transmission, street lamps, and other equipment is very high. The solar street lamp only needs periodic inspection and little maintenance work, and its maintenance cost is less than that of a conventional power generation system

⑦ The installation module is modular, and the installation is flexible and convenient, which is convenient for users to select and adjust the capacity of solar street lamps according to their own needs; 

⑧ Self-powered, off-grid solar street lamps have the autonomy and flexibility of power supply. Deficiency of solar street lamps.

The cost is high and the initial investment of solar street lamp is large. The total cost of a solar street lamp is 3.4 times that of a conventional street lamp with the same power; The energy conversion efficiency is low. The conversion efficiency of solar photovoltaic cells is about 15% ~ 19%. Theoretically, the conversion efficiency of silicon solar cells can reach 25%. However, after actual installation, the efficiency may be reduced due to the obstruction of surrounding buildings. At present, the area of solar cells is 110W / m², and the area of 1kW solar cells is about 9. Such a large area can hardly be fixed on the lamp pole, so it is still not suitable for expressways and trunk roads; 

It is greatly affected by geographical and climatic conditions. Due to relying on the sun to provide energy, the local geographical and climatic weather conditions directly affect the use of street lamps. Too long a rainy day will affect the lighting, resulting in the illumination or brightness not meeting the requirements of national standards, and even the lights are not lit. The solar street lamps in the Huanglongxi area of Chengdu are too short at night due to insufficient lighting during the day; The service life and cost performance of components are low. The price of the battery and controller is high, and the battery is not durable enough, so it must be replaced regularly. The service life of the controller is generally only 3 years; Low reliability. 

Due to the influence of climate and other external factors, the reliability is reduced. 80% of the solar street lamps on Binhai Avenue in Shenzhen can not rely on sunlight alone, which is the same as Yingbin Avenue in Dazu County, Chongqing; Management and maintenance difficulties. The maintenance of solar street lamps is difficult, the quality of heat island effect of solar panels can not be controlled and tested, the life cycle can not be guaranteed, and unified control and management can not be carried out. Different lighting conditions may occur; The illumination range is narrow. The solar street lamps currently used have been inspected by China Municipal Engineering Association and measured on site. The general illumination range is 6 ~ 7m. Beyond 7m, it will be dark and unclear, which can not meet the needs of expressways and main roads; Solar street lighting has not yet established industry standards; Environmental protection and anti-theft problems. Improper handling of the battery may cause environmental protection problems. In addition, anti-theft is also a big problem.

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