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Advantages&Guideline for Solar Street Light

Advantages&Guideline for Solar Street Light

As more and more local Government pay more attention on safe and friendly-environment , Solar street light , one of the new products , are applied for Public Lighting Projects to replace Traditional Street Lights . Images of All-in-one Solar Street Lights Following:

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Advantages of Solar Street Lamp :

1: Easy to install and Friendly-Environment

When you do install on the Solar Light , it is not necessary to connect between Lamp with Cable .  Also , the street lights are full charged by Sun Power, so it will be clean and zero emission , Friendly-environment.

2: Safety

Because Solar Lamp is lower voltage , compared to Traditional Light, it is more safer when installing.  Meanwhile,  once installed , and normally it has fewer issues when applying .

3: Lower Costing 

At the beginning , it can be cost on Solar Lamp and Solar Panel , related accessories, but it will be free to maintenance in the future , compared to traditional AC Street Light , it will be increased on Maintenance fees every year, in terms of AC Cable and Label Costing etc.

Based on Above reasons,  Solar Street light is one of the cleanest, friendly-environment, safest Energy around the world , so it can be more accepted and applied in most public lighting government projects etc. 

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When Solar Lights are applied , here is more noted Details following:


1: Do not take sharp objection to hit Solar Panel directly , it will be damaged by Sharp Objection.

2: Surface of Solar Panel are cleaned every six months, in order to improve efficiency when work

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3: Do not take leaves or Advertisement Board or others to cover the Solar Panel , in order to improve efficiency when work. Following image do not put the items on the Solar Panel.

news-AdvantagesGuideline for Solar Street Light-ALLTOP -img-1

4: Solar panel is faced to South directly with 30 Degree Angel. 

news-ALLTOP -AdvantagesGuideline for Solar Street Light-img-1


1: it will be sealed fully for waterproof when hiding under the ground.  However, it will be replaced immediately once damaged or broken ones are found.

2: Negative and Positive of Battery will be connected properly to work better.

3: the life time of Battery normally will be up to 3 Years and they will be changed after 3 years.


1: When connected with Solar Panel , you have to follow the Instruction Following:

① Connected Loads between Negative and Positive firstly  

② Next connected with Battery by Negative and Positive properly

③  Finally connected with Solar Panel completely

When completed with Battery, the light from Controller will be working after one min, Discharged light will be worked, it mean all Loads will be activated automatically. Finally, please try to connect with Solar Panel finally and Controllers will work, according to variety   Lumen to work and adjust.

Along with Solar Power is more and more popular around the world  , they are accepted more by most government and applied for Public Lighting Projects. More important , Sun power is one of the safety and cleanest energy , it will bring positive effect to local environment. 

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