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ALLTOP Lighting 12th Anniversary

Saturday, May 28th marks the 12th anniversary of ALLTOP Lighting. Our employees from all over the company gathered together with great joy and excitement. Our two bosses expressed their deep gratitude to all of our staff.

The boss's speech: Along the way, we have been working hard, accumulating experience, precipitating maturity, constantly reflecting, learning and improving, with the "reality, dedication, and dedication" of all managers, and everyone's support as always. I believe that the development of ALLTOP Lighting will be prosperous and stride forward! Let us join hands together, walk the right path, do good deeds, and write the word "people" in a dignified manner. Live up to every expectation, we are together! A few years later, when looking back on the year and month of 2022, we fought together, we lived up to our youth, and we went all out. We did it, we have no regrets!

At the same time, we also thank our customers for their support and companionship along the way! Our aim is to develop more competitive and high-quality products and provide customers with excellent services. Accept customers' suggestions humbly and win-win with customers.

Here are the pictures from the anniversary.

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