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What is the cause of led road light failure

As for the street lamp shell, it needs to emit heat. Assuming that the heat dissipation module cannot achieve good heat dissipation, it will lead to the service life and luminous performance of LED street lamps. Now, the serious light failure of LED street lamps is caused by these elements. Another problem is that LED street lamps are used outdoors, which is an element of disturbance to the environment and climate. Therefore, many manufacturers have made certain treatments on the street lamp shell, such as anodic treatment and protection, or spray baking paint, to avoid the corrosion of acid and alkali substances.

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protection, the protection of the capital of the lacquer that bakes is low, the protection function is better also, but generally no cooling function of the lacquer that bakes, this situation did not help, it will because the heat sealed inside the radiator, Let the LED light power is reduced, and the thermal conductivity film can not really close with the substrate, the lamination surface, there will be a certain space, resulting in reduced heat dissipation power.

There are certain reasons for the light decline of LED street lamps, mainly because of the heat dissipation problem. As long as the whole problem is dealt with, it can ensure that LED street lamps can be used for a longer time, and the light decline problem will also be dealt with. Therefore, in the process of purchasing street lamps, attention should be paid to the heat dissipation of street lamps to ensure the longevity of products.

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