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Solar street lamp battery capacity calculation method

1, premise :(1) the cycle of a single cell is the most important parameter, life ≧400 times, the current ternary material only pure ternary can reach more than 300 times;

(2) Select qualified protection plate, choose overvoltage (4.25V×3), overcurrent (according to the working current), short circuit, Undervoltage (2.85V×3), equilibrium, temperature protection plate;

(3) The waterproof performance of the overall scheme is very important;

(4) The ambient temperature is 20, lower than -20to consider the use of a low-temperature cell, the current ternary material can be resistant to -40.

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2. Estimation mode:

For example 6m rod, 30W(w) LED, work 6H(hours) per day, 2H/25W, 2H/20W, 2H/12W; Design life 3 years.

Estimation formula: 2H x (25W/10V= 2.5a)=5AH

2 h x (20 w / 10 v = 2.0 A) = 4 ah

+ 2 h x (12 w / 10 v = 1.2 A) = 2.4 AH

AH = 11.4 x 3 (years) = 34.2 AH

(1), W = V (U) * A (I);

(2), rated voltage of 10V - three yuan lithium battery pack: 3.7V×3=11.1V, comprehensive consideration of loss, voltage drop, and other factors to estimate 10V, good memory;

(3), 11.4AH x 3 years: 11.4AH is the power consumption of lamps and lanterns every day, if only 11.4AH, the number of cycles is life (days); Three years is the design life, but the cycle life standard of the cell and battery pack is to decay to 80% of the initial battery capacity, which can actually be used for a period of time; In practical application, the influence of environmental factors on battery life must be considered, and the comprehensive compromise ×3.

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