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The difference between lithium battery and gel battery

In our daily life, we often touch with lithium batteries, gel batteries and lead-acid batteries. What are the differences and advantages and disadvantages between these three?

       The difference between lithium battery and gel battery

①Environmental protection: The lithium battery of the solar street lamp is no pollution; The gel battery is polluted by heavy metal lead.

②The electrolyte is different: the electrolyte of the lithium battery is a non-aqueous liquid organic electrolyte; the electrolyte of the gel battery is a gel electrolyte.

③Long life Spain: The current lithium iron phosphate charge is 1500 times, no memory effect, about 85% of the storage capacity after 1500 times of charge; while the gel battery is about 500 times, the memory effect is obvious.

④Safety: The difference in the safety of power lithium battery materials is that the gel battery technology is quite mature, and the safety is higher than that of lithium batteries.

⑤High efficiency and good performance: The small self-discharge of the colloidal battery is good for long-term storage; the high deep discharge performance is good for improving the utilization rate and discharge capacity of active materials; the recovery ability of deep discharge and discharge is strong, and the charge acceptance ability exceeds the national standard by more than 50% .


Which is better, gel battery or lead-acid battery?

Lead-acid batteries include gel and liquid. Gel batteries have strong cold resistance, and their working energy efficiency is far better than liquid batteries below minus 15 ℃. Its heat preservation performance is excellent. If you live in a place with very low temperatures in winter You can choose gel batteries


The performance of the gel battery is better than that of the lead-acid battery. The gel battery has stable performance, high reliability, long service life, strong adaptability to temperature, long-term discharge ability, cyclic discharge ability, overcharge and over discharge self-protection Etc.


The above is the difference between lithium batteries and gel batteries and which is better between gel batteries and lead-acid batteries. The emergence of lithium batteries is a manifestation of the progress of the industry. All our lighting products also use lithium batteries, which are more durable and efficient.

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