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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

China Import and Export Fair 2019

Exhibitor:Zhongshan ALLTOP Lighting Co.Ltd

Booth No.:5.1  B35

Date: 09~12th, August, 2018

Welcome to visit our booth in International lighting Exhibition from 9th to 12th in June in Guangzhou

Construction team of ALLTOP company exhibition

ALLTOP -Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

The China Import and Export Fair (CIEF), also known as the Canton Fair, began in the spring of 1957 and is held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. In the history of the 124th session, it has set up the international comprehensive trade fair with the longest history, the largest scale, the largest scale, the largest number of exhibitors, the most complete varieties and the highest turnover.

Business people visit Guangzhou to conduct trade and exchanges in various ways, providing a large number of business opportunities. Despite traditional sample negotiations, the show added an online trading approach. On the basis of export trade, it also involves import trade, economic and technological cooperation and exchanges.

The ALLTOP exhibition area is more than 100 square meters. Due to the novel design of solar street lamps and solar photovoltaic systems, the exhibition attracted many domestic and foreign companies and suppliers. In 2019, ALLTOP will definitely make a great contribution to the development of China's foreign trade.

Exhibition Name:Saudi Elenex 2019    
Hall Name:Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center
Adress:  Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre
King Abdullah Road, Next to king Salman Social Center,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia                       

Booth No:Hall 2,2-314
Date:29th Aprilto 1st May 

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Exhibition Name: Power Uzbekistan 2019
Exhibition time: 15th -17th, May.
Exhibition Booth No.: E82
Exhibition Hall name: Pavilion #3, UzExpo Center, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Exhibition Hall address: Temur Street, 107A, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 

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Exhibition name: ASEAN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY WEEK 2019                                                                                                                                         

Hall no: Hall 101-104   Both no:P20                                                                                                     

Date:5th-8th,June 2019                                                                                               

Exhibitor: Zhongshan ALLTOP Lighting Co.,Ltd.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Address: 88 Bangna-Trad, Bangna, Bangkok 10260 Thailand  

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