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How to Choose Suitable LED Street Lights for a Road Project ?

The major importance of LED street lights is to provide lighting for pedestrians and motorists while driving, and they are in high demand due to their impressive features. Features like long service life and energy saving are some of the key selling points of LED street lights.

However, choosing suitable LED street lights for road projects requires special considerations. Buying the wrong LED from an unscrupulous LED Street Light Manufacturer can result in spending more on maintenance costs. 

This article talks about some factors to consider when choosing a suitable LED street light for road projects, as well as some recommended products from ALLTOP, a reputable solar manufacturer.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Suitable LED Street Light for a Road Project 

Waterproof Test

When you purchase the product of your choice from an LED street light manufacturer, ensure the products pass the waterproof test IP65. This test is done to check the physical and other properties of the LED street solar products in a simulated rain environment. 

Light Decay

The key factor to consider when buying quality LED streetlights is lumen depreciation (light decay). Low light decay means long life, and long life means high price. Hence, ensure to check your street light's light-decay rating before going long on the investment. 


Also, before buying a street light, consider the chip. The chips are the bright part of LED streetlights and are available in different sizes and prices. The hint is that larger chips are of better quality than smaller chips. You can easily notice this in the price, as LED lights with larger chips are pricier than those with smaller chips. 


The LED light outer material constitutes polyester powder coating, a durable material that helps resist outdoor weather and sunlight. Choose a material that can withstand the weather requirements of your area. For example, a strong aluminum body can withstand rain/wind and other harsh weather conditions.


This refers to the blinding feeling that happens when light brightness exceeds the adaptation level of the eye to light. It can reduce the visibility of the road and cause discomfort to the eyes. 

This rating is given in Threshold Increment (TI), which is the percentage of illumination to create visibility for the road without glare.

Now that you know the factors to consider when picking a street light for a road project, let's delve into our ALLTOP LED street light product you can choose from. 

Recommended LED Street Lights for a Road Project

ALLTOP Energy Saving Ip65 Waterproof Aluminum SMD Street Light 360w All-In-One Solar LED Street Lamp

This product is for landscape lighting, residential streets, playgrounds, gardens, security lighting, and parking lots. It is simple to install and cheap compared to the cabling and trenching needed for conventional areas lighting.

Its service life is about fifty thousand hours. The LED chips comprise SMD 3030 superior chips that would provide the best lighting experience with a lumen output of 160lm/w

ALLTOP Brigelux SMD Waterproof All-In-One Solar LED Street Light

As an LED Street Light Manufacturer, ALLTOP ensures that this product features an all-in-one design. The solar panel, light engine, and battery are part of the fixtures of the LED. It does not need a power source as it turns on automatically after sensing people. It is more fashionable, easy to use, and durable. 

ALLTOP All-in-One Solar Street Light 300W IP65 Outdoor Solar Street Light With High Quality

Fully programmable through photo control, an in-built battery, and a solar controller, the 300W IP65 outdoor solar street light features a new advanced battery that lasts about two thousand cycles of charge.

The battery can last three nights after a day full charge for parks, campuses, parking lots, streets, and schools.

ALLTOP Multi Head Outdoor Waterproof IP65 Round Solar Street Light 60w Solar Garden Lamp

This multi-head solar street light is brighter and lasts longer. It comes with an in-built sensor that automatically identifies dawn and dusk. You don't have to turn it off purposely.

It adopts waterproof, sensitive induction, high energy conversion, high-quality crystal chips, and tempered glass. If you buy this product from an LED Street Light Manufacturer like ALLTOP, you don't have to worry about any bad weather or any difficult installation.

ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 Outdoor Integrated Motion Sensor All-In-One Solar LED Street Light

Are you planning on buying a suitable LED Street Light for a Road Project? ALLTOP, as a leading LED Street Light Manufacturer, gives you the product that suits your energy needs. Here is another recommended product. 

This all-in-one solar LED street light has an integrated battery structure, solar panel, controller, and LED Lamp. It is eco-friendly and saves energy for up to seven days once you charge the battery fully. Also, it can resist bad weather conditions. The choice is yours to make! 

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From the maintenance costs to the installation and high product requirements, LED lights are a huge project. As a buyer, you have to be precise about your choice to purchase a suitable product. 

If you intend to invest in a street light road project, choose the service of an LED street light manufacturer like ALLTOP. ALLTOP LED streetlights are of high quality, and you won't regret choosing them for your next road project. 

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