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Remedies To a Solar Light That Fails To Work

Solar energy is the most popular economical type of electricity used today. No wonder many solar light manufacturers including us have come up with numerous solar light types. Solar lights are composed of several components which include the absorber of the light and converter of the sunlight into energy, Photo volcanic solar panel and an inverter that bank in energy in its battery for current. Solar light has been defined in different ways. In plain language, solar energy means the energy that produces light with the help of direct sunlight. Scientifically, solar lights are portable light fixtures that are composed of a rechargeable battery, LED lamps and photovoltaic solar panel.


Advantages of solar lights


• It consumes less energy as compared to the standard lighting system.

• It is cheap and has a long lifetime.

• It is easy to maintain.

• It is not so much bright hence does not strain the eyes with high density.

• It has low heat and light pollution hence it's environmentally friendly.

• It is very efficient and dependable because it gets its energy directly from a natural source.

• It has resistance to shocks and physical impacts.

Despite all these advantages, there are some troubles that might occur when you are using the solar lights. For instance, sometime the solar light might refuse to work. Worry not because we have a solution for you.

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Reasons why your solar light might fail to work and the Alternative


There are a number of reasons why solar lights may fail to work. Here are some:

Lack of enough direct sunlight

The position of the solar panel is important since the solar lights get its energy from the sun, then it’s important to be placed in a position directly to the sun. Majority of solar light manufacturers including us design the solar lights to work all the time as long as it has received enough sunlight. If you notice that your solar light stays for less than 8-12hours, then it means there is a problem with the position of the solar panel. You can as well reduce the solar lamp to the lower mode that will enable the usage of light for a long time.

Expired Battery

We have always installed a battery that comes with the solar, but it works for duration of time. Though some people may forget to replace the battery not knowing, without the battery the solar cannot work well. Most of the battery replacement is done directly from the solar light manufacturers either through online or any other means depending on what you are comfortable with. It is advised to refer to your user manual before fixing the new battery to avoid any inconveniences. Sometimes the battery might not have expired but worked their way loose during installation. The battery should be touching the terminals in order to receive the charge.

When the solar panel is unclean

When your solar panel is dirty as a result of leaves, dust or branches covering it, it will not get direct sunlight therefore, it is good to always wipe the panel more often to keep it clean.

Closeness to another source of light

We can design our solar lights with unique photocells that perform the work of a sensor. When there is another light directly to the photocell, your solar might not work because it thinks it’s daytime. When your lights are not turning on and off as expected, then it is advised that you cover your photocell.


Our aim is to win customers by creating effective solar lights that do not only meet their expectations but exceed them. Our solar lights are resistant to weather and water, but there are circumstances where the water residues are formed inside the solar lamp hindering it from working well. The best option here is to remove the lamp head from the post and keep it for some days to allow it to dry up. Then resemble back the light and give the battery enough time to charge for around 24 hours. If there is more than you cannot do, you can call us.


In conclusion, when your solar panel is not working, don’t panic because you can fix it without any problem. If the problem is beyond your knowledge you can contact us for assistance. Always remember before doing any adjustment to the solar light follow the instructions in the manual.

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