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Why solar street lights?

Why solar street lights?

 With economic and industrial development, carbon pollution and energy shortages becoming more and more apparent, this is a time when a new clean energy source is needed to protect our planet and save cost - solar energy.

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In the next section, Alltop explains to you what the advantages of solar street lights are:

1. Reducing electricity consumption

Solar street lights do not need the city's power supply, they are equipped with solar panels and batteries, so as long as there is enough sunlight, they can work completely self-sufficiently.

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2. No wiring, saving on materials and installation costs

It comes with a working system and does not require additional wiring to save material and human resources and reduce the budget

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3. Greater safety

Solar street lights do not require the use of AC current, the safety factor is very high compared to AC street lights

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4. Low maintenance costs

Solar street lights only need regular maintenance, no long-term maintenance of the transmission system and other facilities, saving a lot of costs, especially in countryside and areas with poor infrastructure

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5. Environmental protection

Solar street lights have zero pollution and no radiation, in line with contemporary low-carbon environmental protection awareness.

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