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ALLTOP New Product Arrival!!

ALLTOP Lighting Company has devoted itself to solar and lighting products for over 13 years, except the solar street light, garden light, flood light, solar system, and AC light, we also manufacture the traffic light and another traffic commodity. We always keep researching and developing new products to provide more choices for customers and make each series of products more comprehensive.

So recently launched a new product, the traffic collapsible cone, new design, modern for the market.

There are two designs for the type of light, one is an LED light strip 360° circling the cone, the other one is the LED bead 360° circling the cone, except this difference, any other parameters and shape are the same.


There are three sizes for options, small, middle, and large. And adopt the premium Oxford cloth material, which is waterproof, anti-collision, has good flexibility, and owns brighter color. 

And there are reflective white materials stuck on three different heights on the cone, they are eye-catching enough when the light illuminates at night. Moreover, we add the LED light strip or bead on those three reflective parts, the order of the light color is red-blue-red, so that much increases the visible degree and enhances the safety effect. 

Inside assemble the lithium-ion battery, which could use last more than 60 hours, and only need to charge 3 hours, and rechargeable function is more convenient, sustainable and durable. The topside design is the same as the original, humanized pull ring design, which is convenient to carry, and enlarge and widen the bottom tray, making the cone more stable and windproof.

Its remarkable advantage is the collapsible design, which is easier to carry and directly retracted and bagged after use, saving space.


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