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Solar Street Lights and Greener City

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There is a massive shift towards greener energy and greener technology all over the world. This is promoted by the urgent and dire need to control the effects of global warming that has been so apparent in recent times. One of the major approaches towards a greener environment is the use of solar power in lighting our cities. There are a lot of benefits of using solar power especially when it comes to street lighting and they are too palpable to be ignored. We are a solar street light manufacturer and we are here to shed some light on the role of solar power in promoting greener cities.

What are solar street lights?

Solar power is a type of energy produced when sunlight is converted into electricity by the use of photovoltaic technology or concentration using mirrors and lenses. Solar street lights use the same technology to convert sunlight into electricity which is then used to light up an LED lamp. Solar street lights have a solar panel at the top of the pole which converts sunlight into energy during the day. As the sun sets and darkness starts to creep in, the LED lamp has a sensor that signals that there is darkness and it automatically lights up. When daylight sets in again at sunrise, it automatically turns off. 

During the day, the solar panels have the capacity to store as much energy as possible so that in case the sun doesn’t come out, like on an overcast day, the stored energy can still be used to light up the streets. Some solar street light manufacturers, such as the solar street light manufacturer in Pune, have solar panels that can store energy to last up to two days without sunlight. As a street light manufacturer, we ensure our street lights have a capacity of up to two days of uninterrupted power even when there is no sunlight. This ensures that there is no downtime at any given point.

Installation of solar street lights

Solar street lights can be installed anywhere where there is sufficient radiation from the sun. Before installing any street lights by any solar street light manufacturer, a proper survey must be done determining the solar radiation hours or Peak sun time of the location. Our company can help determine the Peak sun time of a location so as to design the appropriate solar panels to use for the street lights

Usually, places with lower radiation will need higher panels, meaning that the poles will be higher and vice versa. Also, higher poles will need higher power LED lamps. Our company manufactures a variety of LED lamps with varying wattage to suit our buyers’ needs. Our solar light panels use smart technology and do not any human contact to operate. The lamps have automatic sensors that can detect brightness and darkness and switch on and off accordingly.

Why Solar Street Lights?

First and foremost, solar energy is the cleanest and most readily available form of energy and it is high time that cities adopted this type of energy for their lighting.

No maintenance

Solar street lights require close to zero maintenance unlike the conventional street lights connected to the grid which need repair and maintenance every now and then.


Solar street lights ensure that there are no incidences of accidents or electrocution because there are no wires connecting the lights or the poles.

No downtime

Even when there is a blackout or power failure in the grid, solar street lights will stay on keeping the streets safe and lighted.

Less costly

Our solar street lights are much cheaper to buy and install compared to any other type of street lighting sources. Moreover, solar street lights offer an energy sufficient and cost-effective solution because our solar street lights use LED panels which reduce the wattage by a whopping 40%. 

Environmental impact of using Solar Street Lights

In an effort to build greener spaces in the cities, solar power has been put on the pedestal because it is a clean way to light the cities without causing any environmental harm. Below are some of the ways in which using solar street lights can be of benefit to any city to promote greener cities.

Reduces carbon footprint

Cities all over the world are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprints on the environment. Installing solar street lights is one of the ways in which cities can help curb the influx of environmental degradation. Additionally, lighting contributes, by a significant percentage, to the carbon dioxide emissions in the environment and using solar energy helps in controlling this.

Reduces air pollution

Solar street lights do not release any greenhouse harmful gases hence reducing the prevalence of carbon dioxide in the environment. All this culminates into a cleaner, energy sufficient environment in our cities. Consequently, if all cities implemented solar street lights, such investments would help a great deal to suppress the menace that is global warming.

Reduces the use of natural resources

To produce electricity, many countries use geothermal or hydrothermal resources. This, in turn, contributes to the depletion of these natural resources, especially water. Water is an essential natural resource that should be used sparingly and modestly so that the environment remains self-sufficient. The depletion of these natural resources affects the natural environmental balance, something that we do not want. Using solar energy for lighting takes the edge off using geothermal and hydrothermal sources for powering.

Minimizes climate change 

The use of solar energy for street lights helps to minimize climate change caused by carbon emissions in the environment. Carbon emissions in the environment are caused by the use of other sources of energy such as coal. These gaseous emissions in the atmosphere cause the greenhouse effect which causes rapid climate change. Using solar energy for lighting will help reduce or slow down the process of climate change and help preserve the atmosphere.

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To sum up, solar street lights are a driving force behind greener futuristic and energy sufficient cities. The future looks brighter, literally, with solar street lights because our environment will be safer to live in. Many cities have implemented the use of solar street lights and this should be replicated all over the world. As a solar street light manufacturer, we are here to help contribute to the upgrading of our environment with green energy with our environmentally friendly products and services.

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