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How does a solar street light work?

We all know that street lamps need to work all night to bring light to people who go home late at night, but this kind of long-term use is very power-consuming, so in order to save energy consumption, solar street light now are the trend.

Zhongshan Alltop lightingStreet light would like to explain how it works.

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In general, solar lamp manufacturers provide street lamp control devices with timing, light control, and even rain control functions, which are very convenient to use.

Solar street lamp in the daytime under the control of the intelligent controller, the solar panel through the sunlight irradiation, absorption of solar light and converted into electric energy, the solar cell module to charge the battery bank in the daytime, the battery bank to provide power at night.

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The DC controller can ensure that the battery bank is not damaged due to overcharge or over-discharge. It also has light control, time control, temperature compensation, lightning protection, anti-J protection, and other functions.

The solar remote control can avoid the lithium battery will not charge too much and causing damage, and the remote control has multiple functions with timing, luminosity adjustment, lightning protection lamp function, and a good realization of night lighting.

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The solar street lamp is a more basic and convenient control method with more applications. This controller does not need to adjust the time, will automatically sense the light intensity to control the light on and off, after the installation does not need to adjust the time of light on and off according to the season. The sky automatically goes out and the night automatically lights up. This kind of light control is now widely used in lithium solar street lamps.

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