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Alltop is a leading manufacturer and promoter of energy efficient power utilization and technicallyadvanced lighting systems for both the consumer and professional markets. Our main focus is to designand manufacture innovative customer driven and energy efficient lighting and solar power system. We address lighting needs in a full range of settings-indoors (homes, shops, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals and factories,as well as outdoors (public places, residential areas, commercial buildings, signage, sports arenas, street and motorwaysolar powered lighting. With new lighting science, such as solar and LED technology, and the increasing demand for energyefficient solutions, ALLTOP Lighting will continue to research and develop innovations, thereby helping to shape the future with ground breaking new energy efficient solar applications.

ALLTOP has been concentrating on the fine materials selection and investing heavily in the technology innovation. Solar LED Lighting System is all made of pure aluminum concentrating ring and has been gone through high-tech surface treatment, so that the products have smooth and surface and do no harm to the skin. Various lamp sizes are provided to satisfy customers’ different needs.

The shells are made of ABS materials which make the products to be of high toughness, high hardness, and good impact resistance. Made of high-quality acrylic which is firm, and light, the products produce no dazzling light. The poly-crystalline solar panels are strong, rainproof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, and are not easy to get rusty, which facilitates the products to convert solar energy into electric energy effectively. Our QC team strictly choose materials which can guarantee products’ long service life of 50,000 hours. Besides that, the strong handle allows the products to be carried for people conveniently.

To offer more convenience and happiness for customers, ALLTOP strives to research and develop practical functions of the products. Designed with a variety of USB jacks, the products can be used as a perfect substitution for the power bank. They can supply mobile phones and other electronics with electricity. The highlight LED provides high brightness, enabling people to have fun at night.

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