Determine the processing flow

  1. 1. If customers have demand for OEM, they can consult or visit ALLTOP website to know more details.
  2. 2. ALLTOP will invite customers to our factory for inspection.
  3. 3. ALLTOP will communicate with customers in terms of market and technical requirements for products.
  4. 4. ALLTOP provides part of samples according to customers’ requirements.
  5. 5. ALLTOP will improve samples to reach an agreement based on customer’s feedback after sample confirmation.
  6. 6. Customers confirm the OEM solutions and sign contract with ALLTOP company.
  7. 7. Customer should advance 50% payment for processing according to contract.
  8. 8. The OEM service between customer and ALLTOP company has come into force. We build customer’s profiles for further cooperation.


1. ALLTOP has superior production environment and standardized management to ensure products’ quality.

2. ALLTOP company helps our customers grow stronger together with excellent profession and strong responsibility.

3. ALLTOP will research and develop products according to clients’ requirements, provide R&D team, client can also send technical engineers to participate in research and development at ALLTOP company. The cost for product filling and packing will be calculated separately.

4. With the production cooperation and independent financial accounting system, we can provide pragmatic and value-added service chain to help customers to promote their brand awareness and make them grow stronger and better.


We will serve you the best products with the favorite prices

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