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2019 The 11th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition

2019 The 11th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition 

Exhibition name: 2019 The 11th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition

Exhibition Date: 16th to 18th, August.

Hall and Booth No.: Area A ,1.1 B611   2.1A611

Address: Guangzhou-China Import and Export Fair Complex Area A

ALLTOP -2019 The 11th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition


1. Production technology and research equipment

Photovoltaic cells: photovoltaic cell manufacturers, battery component manufacturers, battery component installers;

Components: batteries, chargers, controllers, converters, recorders, inverters, monitors, brackets/tracking systems, cables, etc.;

Photovoltaic raw materials: silicon materials, silicon ingots/silicon blocks, silicon wafers, packaged glass, packaging films, and other raw materials;

Photovoltaic engineering and systems: photovoltaic system integration, solar photovoltaic energy storage technology equipment and systems, smart grid energy storage power station systems, solar air conditioning systems, rural photovoltaic power generation systems, solar energy detection and control systems, solar heating system engineering, photovoltaic building integration Technology, solar photovoltaic engineering process control, engineering management and software programming system.

2, photovoltaic production equipment

Silicon rod silicon ingot production equipment: complete production line, ingot furnace, crucible, growth furnace, other related equipment;

Wafer wafer production equipment: complete production line, cutting equipment, cleaning equipment, testing equipment, and other related equipment;

Battery production equipment: production line, etching equipment, diffusion furnace, laminating equipment / deposition furnace, printing machine, tester and sorting machine;

Panel/component production equipment: complete production line, test equipment, glass cleaning equipment, wire/welding equipment, laminating equipment, etc.;

Thin film battery production equipment: amorphous silicon battery, copper indium gallium diselenide battery CIS/CIGS, cadmium neodymium thin film battery CdTe, dye sensitization, battery, DSSC, etc.

3, solar photovoltaic application products

Solar street lights, lawn lights, garden lights, navigation lights, agricultural insecticidal lights, chargers, signal lights, traffic warning lights, solar information displays, power supply systems, mobile chargers, pumps, solar home products and other solar products.


Zhongshan Daqin Electric Co., Ltd. has participated in the Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition for many years and is an important exhibition platform for global PV companies to promote trade and promote brands. In this exhibition, Daqn will showcase content covering all areas of the photovoltaic industry: including photovoltaic cells, components, inverters, photovoltaic raw materials, mobile energy, photovoltaic engineering and systems, photovoltaic production equipment, solar photovoltaic applications, CSP systems and Solar lighting and more. Each year, together with new energy fields such as wind energy, charging piles and bio-energy, the exhibition area has reached more than 200,000 square meters, attracting more than 1,000 domestic and foreign companies to participate, and has been promoted by more than 300 domestic and foreign media. The ALLTOP exhibition established a good business service platform for Chinese companies to go global and introduce overseas companies. ALLTOP attaches great importance to the organization of the audience and has received the support of more than 80,000 professional visitors. Among them, the audience of the last exhibition reached more than 60,000, and the international buyers reached a new high of 5,916.

Zhongshan Daqin Electric Co., Ltd.'s photovoltaic industry's continuous innovation and technological progress have promoted the benign development of the photovoltaic industry. In line with the “13th Five-Year” photovoltaic industry development plan, Daqn has fully promoted the construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation and photovoltaic power plants. August 16th to 18th, 2019 will be more than 100 professional customers and audiences in more than 100 countries. It is an important channel for domestic and international brand expansion, the Chinese market, and the best channel for global network distribution. It is an important platform and trade orientation for the annual release of new products in the photovoltaic industry.

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Zhongshan ALLTOP Lighting CO., LTD

Solar Systems team participated in the exhibition, visited and visited local customers and visited some solar panels and solar systems in various markets. ALLTOP's solar system products are basically monopolized and cover South America.For more information and business please contact  /

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