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Common Question and solutions of solar street lights

Common Question and solutions of solar street lights

Solar street lights are developing better and better, gradually replacing traditional street lights. Because it is energy-saving, environmental protection and easy to maintain, more and more urban roads and rural areas have begun to install solar street lights. Especially in rural areas, since various some facilities are relatively imperfect, solar street lights should be a better choice. Let me introduce the common problems and solutions of solar street lights.

1. Cleaning of solar panels of solar street lamps

The solar panels of solar street lights cannot accumulate dust for a long time, because it is not conducive to the solar panels to absorb sunlight. If the solar panel is shaded, it will affect the conversion efficiency of the solar panel, but in general, the solar panel does not need to be cleaned frequently, because the dust on the solar panel will be washed away when it rains. If it doesn't rain for a long time, you should clean the solar panels occasionally. 

Now a solar street light with panel sweeper came into being .

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2. Is the solar panel of the solar street light fragile?

Solar panel is very strong, generally composed of fairly strong tempered glass panel, regular manufacturers will test the solar panel through hail, so even if this solar panel encounters heavy rain or hail, it has a certain ability to resist.


3. Orientation of solar panels of solar street lamps

We all know that the solar panel of solar street lights absorb sunlight and then convert it into electrical energy and store it in the battery. At night, the battery discharges the lamp head, so that the solar street lights light up. The orientation of the solar panel determines how much sunlight it can absorb and how much electricity it can convert into.The solar panels of solar street lamps generally face south, so that the solar panels can absorb more and more uniform light radiation.If the direction is wrong, the absorbed sunlight will be less, and the lights may not be on last long or not lit at all.

Generally, manufacturers will design the best tilt angle for solar panels according to the sunshine conditions in the area.

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4. The best location to install solar street lights

Generally, solar street lights should be installed in the places without shadow or shelter, because it is not afraid of wind and sun, and it needs to absorb enough sunlight to convert it into electrical energy, which is good for the operation of solar street lights.

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5. The problem that the lights of solar street lights are not bright

What should I do if the solar street light is not on? This is undoubtedly the question that customers want to ask most.

If this problem really occurs, you can refer to the following steps:

1) Firstly,consider whether there are continuous rainy days, because if it rains for several consecutive days, it is normal for the lights to be on for a short time or not at night, and you can judge until the night of the clear weather

2) If the light does not light up after a period of use, please remove the light from the light pole, disassemble the light to check whether there is water/false welding/short circuit inside, can ask professional people to deal with it.

3) If the wire connection is normal, can check the battery voltage is normal or not , if not, the battery or the controller is faulty, and you can replace it after further investigation

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