ALLTOP has extended our product line since 2013 and we have been specialized in the production of solar lights for years. One of our popular products is the solar traffic light. Equipped with the solar panels with high conversion rate, the products can continually discharge for about 10 days. We spend much money on purchasing poly-crystalline silicon volt plate which has high photoelectric conversion efficiency and allows the lights to charge automatically, and even can store the electricity well in cloudy and rainy days.

As a kind of traffic light, the products are made of PC, ABS and aluminum materials to ensure its waterproof, moisture-corrosion, anti-corrosion and anti-aging performance. They have a good safety warning effect in hazy days and rainy and snowy days. At the same time, they can rotate 360˚ and have a wide viewing angle, allowing people from all directions to see the warning sign clearly.

With roomy workshop and skilled workers, ALLTOP can ensure the product quality and competitive cost. We also have senior R&D engineers who have years experience of specializing in the LED lights production, customers are welcome to contact us for OEM and ODM requirements.

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