Top ten technology hotspots in China's LED industry in 2013

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-09
After 2013, I saw the ups and downs and hot spots in the LED market in a short period of one year. We also see that the technology market is unwilling to lag behind and frequent new hot keywords of new technologies. First COB, HV- LED, eutectic technology, COB hot technology market, and then to cover crystal, flip, package-free technology market climax, the post-LED industry needs the localization of mocvd equipment, the future of intelligent lighting and the modular packaging to achieve the future trend of the entire LED industry. All kinds of signs show that the entire LED lighting industry technology is experiencing unpredictable market testing and testing. At the end of the year, let's review the top ten hot technical keywords that are worth remembering by history. Key words 1. COB with the decline of LED market price, the huge market of general lighting application and the strong demand in commercial lighting, special lighting, backlight and other fields have promoted the improvement of LED light source unit brightness. The COB Package has good performance in horizontal and vertical heat dissipation under limited volume, and is suitable for achieving greater power in a small area. It has the following advantages: 1. Superior performance: cob technology is adopted to directly bind the bare die of the chip to the PCB board, thus eliminating the requirement for wire bonding connection, make the product performance more reliable and stable. 2. Higher integration level: cob technology is adopted to eliminate the link pins between the chip and the application circuit board and improve the integration level of the product. 3. Smaller size: cob technology is adopted. Since binding and mounting can be carried out on both sides of pcb, the volume of cob application module is correspondingly reduced and the application space of cob module is expanded. 4. More ease of use and more simplified product process: the cluster bus technology is adopted, and pins are used between cob board and application board to facilitate interconnection, it eliminates the welding process that must be passed through the chip, reduces the difficulty of using the product, simplifies the product process, makes the product easier to replace, and enhances the ease of use of the product. 5. Lower Cost: cob Technology is directly bound and packaged on PCB board, which eliminates the cost of processing such as ball planting and welding for chips, and the design of user board is simpler, the cost of embedded products is effectively reduced. Key word 2: HV- Led hvled, as its name implies, is a high-voltage LED. Compared with traditional DCED, it has the advantages of low packaging cost, high warm white light efficiency, high driving power efficiency, low line loss, etc. Specifically: 1. HVLED realizes series-parallel connection of micro-grains directly at the chip level, making it work under low current and high voltage, which will simplify the number of chip fixation and bonding and reduce the packaging cost. 2. HV chips form multiple micro-grain integration in a unit area, thus avoiding the consistency problem caused by the span of wavelength, voltage and brightness in the BIN between chips; 3. HVLED chip is a power chip driven under low current, which can be integrated with red LED chip. Yellow fluorescent powder forms warm white light, which is better than traditional DCED red fluorescent powder, the warm white light formed by yellow fluorescent powder has high light emitting efficiency, shortens the gap between the light efficiency of LED warm white and cold white packaging, and is easier to realize the high display of light source;
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