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All About Solar Powered Flood Lights




Solar powered flood lights have become the latest advance in technology with more and more people buying for their homes and many other areas. Even with the interest, there are still some of you who may not know about these solar powered flood lights, how they work, what benefits they provide and how to choose when you want to purchase one.


No need to worry, this article will inform you about everything you need to know about them and clear all your doubts and curiosity.



How to works



Before anything else, it is important that you understand how these solar powered flood lights operate. For every one you buy, regardless of the outer color or coat, there is a visible dark panel on the top side of the solar powered floodlight.


There is where all the action happens. They work through a photo voltaic system where the solar cell also known as the photo voltaic cell will capture the direct sunlight rays and convert them to electric currents through which the floodlights are illuminated.


So all that needs to happen is the lights have to have direct access to sunlight so that it can concurrently provide lighting. The whole process is a renewable cycle of energy from sunlight to electricity all day and night.






Being that it is solar powered, it exhibits many benefits to the user. Below is a compiled list of some of it's best features.


They are eco-friendly - as explained above, they run on renewable energy where they charge during the day and the stored energy is used at night to light. The same goes on every day of its life span.


It can charge enough to supply light for 10 to 15 hours non stop. No dimming, no flickering. The solar-powered floodlight needs at least 6 to 8 hours to charge uninterrupted and it will provide the same lighting or more in the night.


There are no charging cables so you don't have to worry about it being cut, destroyed or replaced. They operate on solar panels that use natural light to charge. The solar panels may be small but they do the job just fine.


They do not require an outlet hence you do not have to worry about the proximity to a power source. Unless you may want a floodlight that has that additional feature. For when there is no sun to source from.


There are no extra costs involved after installation. Unlike electrical powered lights that have monthly power bills, the solar-powered floodlights have no costs except the replacement costs on the battery. Of which the batteries too if you buy good quality can stay for years before they need replacing.

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No maintenance fees whatsoever. They have a 20 to 30 lifespan give or take, depending on the type you purchase. They are self-providing lights that do not need any checkups now and then like when a power surge occurs.


They are safer than other lights giving elements. You don't have to worry about electrocutions or electrical injuries. Unless the pole you used to mount on falls on you, there are relatively no risks involved with the solar powered floodlight.


There is versatility. You can choose as many designs as you want to depend on your taste.


They provide good illumination of light. A common solar powered floodlight has 12 super bright LEDs, that provides a lot of light. That is why the salespeople will probably tell you one is enough for your home unless you want to light up the whole neighborhood or the streets and alleys.


The installation process is straightforward and simple. You will only need a few materials that have nothing to do with power connectivity which is usually a strenuous activity.



How to choose



This is the most crucial step when it comes to any type of purchase of the solar-powered floodlights. Here are a few guidelines on how to choose the perfect kind for you.


Purpose - this is always the first step when thinking of buying. You probably want to light up your backyard, pool area, garage, patio or anywhere else for security purposes. The solar powered floodlight is a perfect choice. Plus you can buy just one, the light emission will be enough.


The cost - generally, they are all a lot pricier than other types of lighting due to the largeness but you can also look for something budget friendly.


Climate- always consider the climate conditions of the area you want to place. The solar-powered floodlight requires a minimum of 6 hours to charge so it can light up at night. If that is not possible for your area then look for ways to get around that. Maybe get one with charging cables and charge during the day, not that is an extra expense on you.


Water resistance - it is advisable you get one with an IP56 certification. This means international protection, 5 to mean the amount of physical force it can withstand like getting hit, and the 6 to represent the withstanding force over jets of water.

Besides being water resistant, it has to be protected from other extremes like the sun, rain or snow. Ensure it has UV protection for the sun and high-grade polycarbonate to resist and degradation of its elements, especially the aluminum.


The light level- the higher the lumen, the higher the voltage, the better the light quality. For good intensity and brightness, choose something over 5920 lumens for an extra kick.

It should have adjustable panels.


A warranty should be provided by a reputable company or dealer.


Motion sensors for extra security.


Light sensors so it can turn on and off when required.


Durability - It should be durable and heavy to deal with. An added aluminum light fixture can be good.


It should be flexible when it comes to mounting.


The battery- a good and modern battery is the lithium-ion battery, unlike the Ni-MH or Ni-CD, the other type is more effective and of higher quality.



How much it costs



All depends on the features it has and the lifespan it has. Most have an extended lifespan period longer than 50,000 hours of lighting.






The solar-powered floodlight is a perfect addition for your home if you are looking to spruce up the security among other things. You can choose other variants as well but rest assured that this will give you your money's worth.

It will save up on any electrical bills, easy installation, wide illumination of over 150’ area, eco-friendly and safe.


If you have been contemplating on whether it is a good choice, consider this article as your ticket of assurance that it will not disappoint you.

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