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Why choose an All-in-one solar street light?

All-in-one solar street light

With the global warming and the energy crisis, many countries especially countries with long hours of sunshine gradually began to pay attention to the use of solar energy.

We found that in some remote rural areas there is no electricity can reach, and many regions that lack electric power, under this circumstance, the solar energy street light can offer the best solution.

Therefore, solar street lights came into being, in line with the trend of social development and the demand of the market.

What is an All-in-one solar street light?

All-in-one solar street lights are one type of integrated solar street lights, which integrates into a product with four main components: solar panel, light source, battery, lamp body.

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1) Solar panel:

Mono-crystalline and polycrystalline solar panels are different solar panels that are widely used in solar products.

Both types of solar panels have the same purpose: converting sunlight into electricity, mono-crystalline solar panels have a higher conversion efficiency than polycrystalline solar panels, but it doesnt mean the polycrystalline solar panel is poor conversion efficiency, it just a little less than a mono-crystalline solar panel.

The cost of a mono-crystalline panel is more expensive since the manufacturing process of mono-crystalline solar panels is more complex. Considering the product cost and the acceptance of the market, most use polycrystalline solar panels.   

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2) Lighting source:

We use high brightness LED, 160lm/W, moisture-proof and waterproof, and the lamp bead has a wide lighting range. There are several types of LED, such as 5730, 3030, 5050,2835, to adapt to different applications, but 5730 and 3030 are in the majority.

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3) Battery:

We usually use a LiFePO4 battery, 3.2V / 6.4V /12.8V, since its chemical substance inside is more stable and more durable, it has good high-temperature resistance, even use in the -20℃~65. If the projects are in the tropics, so LiFePO4 battery is recommended.

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4) Lamp body

For our products, there are two kinds of material used for the all-in-one solar street light: ABS material and aluminum material.

For ABS material, we use thick ABS engineering plastic to make the lamp body, it is hardness, strong impact resistance, fast heat dissipation, and UV resistance.

For aluminum, as we know, it is strong and stable, and we also do the waterproof and rustproof treatment. So it is ok if it installs near water.

According to the market positioning and customer request, we can recommend suitable products to customers.  

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5) PIR sensor/microwave motion sensor:

The solar street light can light up at dusk automatically, turn off at dawn automatically, and charge during the day.

The detection range of the PIR sensor: 7-8m, the detection range of micro way sensor: 12-15m.

When people enter into the detection range of the light, it is 100% light up, when people went, it is 30% brightness.

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Working principle :

When there is enough sunshine during the day, the solar panel of an all-in-one solar street light will work together with the smart controller to collect the solar energy then save it into the battery. Usually, 6-8hours can be fully charged, it can last 3 rainy days.


All-in-one solar street lights have been widely used on highways, village paths, gardens, factories, freeways, rural roads, neighborhood streets, etc

 Why choose an All-in-one solar street light


1. No wiring, easy to install with a few minutes

There is no complex wiring process, even if you are the end-users, no need for professional skill or electronic equipment are required, all you need to do is fix the product with the fastening screws.

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2. Better hurricane/typhoon resistance ability.

Compare with the split type solar street light (the solar panel is separated from the lamp), in one solar street lights are designed with compact structure, and this kind of structure has better performance under the typhoon

3. The compact structure design of All in one solar street light, can reduce the transportation cost.

The package size of all in one solar street light is smaller than the package size of split type solar street light, therefore, one container can be loaded in more quantity, the cost of transport is reduced.

On the other hand, due to the easy installation, the project contractor can save more local labor costs.

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