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Light Your Night with Outdoor LED Wall Lights



When you mount LED wall lights on your exterior walls, you don’t just create a welcoming atmosphere but you greatly elevate your home’s architecture by making it more attractive. The illumination from the LED lights also boosts security and safety.

In most cases, when we talk of bulbs or light, we just remember the lights inside or rooms or the fluorescents lights in our office building. We forget outdoor lights yet we rely on them most to light our streets, illuminates our sidewalks among other advantages. Outdoor lighting is very crucial that we cannot practically do without them, else we should expect a lot of commotions and accidents resulting from poor or lack of illumination. They-outdoor lights- are very crucial to our safety whether you are driving home late or making a walk around the compound at night. Some lights we use for outdoor wall lighting are dull and always humming. There is a better way to have an outdoor lighting in our homes by mounting outdoor LED wall lights.


Reasons Why People Prefer Outdoor LED Wall Lights


For many reasons LEDs are the most preferred choice for outdoor wall lighting. These are basically the benefits affiliated with them. They include:

·Long life. LEDs are long lasting with a lifespan of 100,000 hours equivalent to 10 years.

·Low maintenance cost. This advantage is intertwined with the long lasting benefit of LEDs. The long life means no frequent replacements of bulbs resulting to low maintenance costs.

·Color rendition. Unlike yellow lights LEDs for wall lighting emits whitish color which allows for accurate color display.

·They are cold resistant. LEDs can operate in any environment. They perform well in dump and moist environments.

·Saves energy. Energy consumed by LEDs is much lower compared to other lights in the market. You can save a great deal of energy and subsequently reduce your monthly power bills.

·Instant on capability. This feature makes them suitable for motion sensors. They don’t warm up time after powering them on.

 ALLTOP -Led Street Light Manufacturers-light Your Night With Outdoor Led Wall Lights

Challenges with Outdoor LED Wall Lights


There is however challenges associated with outdoor LED wall lights. These challenges may be associated with the type of lights installed, design of the installation associated difficulties. Let us have a look at these challenges.

·Poor lighting. This may be caused by poorly designed or improperly located lights. Poor lighting will counter the objective of outdoor lighting. It will reduce safety and security which we dearly wanted when we had the lights installed.

·Light trespass. This is light being in unwanted places. Also known as obstructive light, it can cause discomfort or annoyance if it crosses to your neighbor’s perimeter.

·Obstruction. Your outdoor LED lights for walls can block visibility if they are too powerful. It is worth finding the LED that will emit the optimal desirable illumination. This can also be achieved by replacing lights with too much glare. It is worth noting that too much glare doesn’t aid or make visibility efficient.


Creating Magnificent LED Wall Lights


Outdoor LED wall lights are mounted on the surface so that they can be nicely fitted on the wall. It is also common to have the lights fitted in the walls especially for decoration purposes. They well fit the pavements of the house and the terraces. Outdoor LED wall lights emit adequate lighting and an appealing look to you home. The LEDs are known to last long and consume less power. They also come at a lower cost making it easier to acquire and have them installed.

To have a magnificent LED wall light you can consider the following tips:

·Corrosion resistance. The outside environment can be corrosive for metallic products. This very serious especially for environment near coastal areas or those surround a salty large water body. Make sure that the lighting package has passed ASTM B117 salt fog test. This will give you an assurance that the product will cope well outside with corrosion and rusting possibilities.

Chose strategic points on where to place or position you lights. This may include wall lights on deck, entrance, near stairway and fence posts to have an illumination which will aid movements in such places.

Choose the light mounting option. If you need a more directional lighting, then you should go for that option that will tend to direct light to where it is required. This will avoid cases of light trespass or obstructive light.

Try Using Wall Mount Sconces. They are installed or mounted on top of a flat vertical surface. They come with various configurations of down light and upright options. Wall Mount Sconces spotlights are available which comes with a 180 degrees or 360 degree light rendition.

·Lighting reliability. Your outdoor LED wall lights should meet the lighting reliability requirements. This includes the surge protection zone and also vibration standards.

Choose the light power for you outdoor LED wall light. This involves selecting the best power depending on the requirement. This will make the appearance beautiful and attracting. Also there will be few reduced cases of unwanted lights or obstructive lights.

Check the quality of your light. Merchandise in the market today varies greatly in quality that they offer. You might find light with much glare and mistake the glare with good light rendition. Some may be even blurred. So it is worth to do some homework on which type you should order for or pick from your local store.

Use wall lights as task lighting for outdoor activities, such as grilling or if you are entertaining outdoors.

·Recessed Wall Lights. They are wall lights installed to flush against the wall. They form a magnificent glow on the wall. The glow spreads downwards and sideways. This forms kind of a wall-décor. Don’t overnight. When you oversight the visual appeal is lost. Over lighting may also cause abstractions and result to harm. You can have your wall lights positioned a bit high on the wall. This will reduce the light intensity and also keep them safe from being accidentally knocked down.




When most people are doing re-lamping and replacing their wall lights, they are opting for LEDs to replace their old instalments. There have been great developments, thanks to the dynamic nature of technology; LEDs wall packages are now available in wide range of sizes and mounting options. The costs are also coming down to the ground.

In case you are considering re-lamping, replacing or retrofitting your outdoor wall lights, consider the option of installing outdoor LED wall lights.

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