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Answers to some common home installation PV solar power system questions

1. Q: Will the installation of solar photovoltaic power generation system affect my roof?

A: The existing designs are all overhead, which will not cause any damage to the roof or cause water accumulation.

2. Q: How long is the life of the photovoltaic power generation system, and will it be troublesome to maintain?

A: The average life span of photovoltaic modules is about 25 years. Our products have a life span of up to 30 years. After-sale service is guaranteed for 10 years, and the battery panel is guaranteed for 30 years. There is no worries. Because our entire system itself has the function of intelligent monitoring, so the maintenance is relatively simple, generally it is to remove the bird droppings, leaves and other shelters on the photovoltaic glass panel. In addition, photovoltaic modules are modular and closed, generally do not need maintenance, just replace directly, we are responsible for providing modules that need to be replaced during the warranty period.


3. Q: Using solar photovoltaic power generation, will we still have electricity when the power grid goes out?

A: When there is sun, photovoltaic systems can generate electricity. The grid-connected inverter has island protection, and the mains power failure automatically stops the output. It can be understood that the system is generating electricity, but it is not connected.


5. Q: Does distributed photovoltaic power generation affect the voltage? Will it affect the use of home appliances?

A: Due to the small power of the distributed photovoltaic power generation system, the impact on the voltage cannot be felt at all. Furthermore, the function of the inverter is to convert the DC low-voltage electricity generated by the photovoltaic cells into 220v civil electricity, and our photovoltaic special inverter itself has the function of intelligently adjusting the voltage, so the photovoltaic electricity is no different from the grid electricity. , will not affect the use of household appliances.


6. Q: What is the safety of home photovoltaic power generation, how to deal with lightning strikes, ice mold, leakage and other problems?

A: First of all, the DC combiner box inverter and other equipment lines have the function of overload protection. When abnormal voltages such as lightning strikes and leakage occur, they will be automatically turned off and disconnected, so there is no safety problem. Second, our PV modules are made of super impact-resistant tempered glass. When certified in the EU, they undergo rigorous testing. They can withstand wind pressure of 2400Pa and snow pressure of 5400Pa. It is difficult to damage photovoltaic panels in normal natural weather. In addition, each PV module can operate independently, even if one module is damaged, it will not affect the normal operation of other modules.


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