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Solar panels

1. The power of solar panels involves two variables: silicon wafer size and silicon wafer conversion rate, so as long as the sum of silicon wafer conversion rate and silicon wafer area are known, the approximate power of solar panels can be calculated. The formula is:

The area of the solar silicon wafer (square millimeter) * conversion rate /1000, for example, for a solar panel with a length and width of 156mm, the conversion rate is 18.5%, then its power is 156*156*0.185/1000= 4.50216W, pay attention to the calculation of the area of the silicon wafer white edge should remove.

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2. Calculation method of solar panel volts

The voltage of a single string is 0.5V. A plate is connected by multiple battery pieces in series, and the voltage is added. For example, a 10W 12V solar panel is connected by 24 battery pieces in series and 24*0.5V=12V

3. The solar panel glass is toughened glass, and super white cloth is good pervious to light, the effect of super white cloth fabric is there are many grooves on the glass, and refracted through the grooves on the fabric point occurs has reached the most appropriate use of sunlight, glass fabric if you don't do processing efficiency will be reduced by 30%, if the not super white glass is not blue, power generation efficiency will decrease 10%.

4. In China, solar silicon wafers are generally divided into European and American 

wafers, Taiwan wafers, domestic wafers, and Vietnam wafers, which are divided into ABC three grades. Generally, the requirements of photovoltaic station wafers are A or A-wafers.

In 2003, only 10-11% of the conversion rate, the current domestic silicon wafer conversion rate of 18%-20% (polysilicon), and 20-22% (monocrystalline silicon). The more impurities, the blacker the silicon.

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