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Street Lighting and Road Safety

Have you ever driven at night and felt the difference between roads that are lit with street lights and roads that are not? This is aside from the obvious bright and dark situation but more so on the general feeling of safety that you feel when the road has sufficient lighting than when it is dark. 

In terms of security, street lights provide an additional layer of protection for those outside the streets and people who are driving. Anyone who has indecent motives may be spooked out when there is sufficient lighting. Plus, the most important benefit of street lighting is related to driving. Accidents can happen even in broad daylight so just imagine how that risk increases at night. For street lighting to be more effective, the quality of lights should be considered. This aspect, too, like many other technological advancements these days, now have better alternatives as opposed to the traditional ones. 

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Solar street lights are one timely alternative for the traditional bulbs used for street lighting. Here are some of the benefits of using solar street lights and how they contribute to road safety:

1. Improves safety for drivers.

With the growing number of people who get into car accidents, it has always been a matter of safe driving and environmental conditions. Mishaps already happen even when there is sufficient daylight so all the more that this can cause a lot of trouble during the evening especially when roads are not properly lit. 

Solar street lights can greatly improve road visibility for drivers. Because of its placement and the quality of light from solar LED lights, it can guide drivers better and reduce the possibility of collisions.

2. Improves safety for pedestrians.

Not only does road safety pertain to driving but also consider pedestrians. Having solar street lights along roads help people who by any circumstance are still out at night to see their way better. Some people have weaker eyesight and this hinders them from going around outside at night. 

Streetlights also provide a sense of protection for people who are out at night because of the sufficient light that can protect them from whatever danger lurks in the dark. On the other hand, people can also clearly see ahead and avoid any vehicles that may hit them if they are on the wrong side of the road. Another benefit is when they can see the ground clearly for a potential hazard that has not been clearly marked. 

3. Energy efficient.

Solar street lights get a win on this energy efficiency because of its nature. The bulbs used here are recharged through a clean energy source. Solar energy is the energy that we can harness from the sun. In this case, there is a lesser probability that the bulbs will malfunction due to the energy source. 

It is also in this sense that solar street lights provide efficient performance with lesser cost. The solar street light price is much lower than the traditional street light’s. There is no need to install the lights to a power source and it can save energy consumption since it recharges through photovoltaic cells. 

4. Automatic switch on and off. 

In its mechanism, it is convenient to use solar street lights since there is no need for a switch. There are built-in sensors in solar LED lights that can analyze the environment, specifically the lighting conditions. This way, solar street lights turn on when there is a need for better lighting and they automatically turn off when there is already sufficient light in the surroundings. This greatly assists in road safety since the solar light itself can identify the need to turn on, thus, providing assistance to drivers and pedestrians without close regulation. 

5. Durable and Accessible 

More innovation with solar LEDs has made it withstand time and environmental damage. Solar street lights cannot do what they are installed for if they are constantly being replaced due to damage. It is a good thing that solar panels are now encased in a more protective covering to ensure that when installed, it can withstand environmental factors and can stay functional longer. 

Solar LEDs are also accessible so even if you are a homeowner and you just want additional lighting outside your house, then you can easily find solar LEDs here.

6. Eco-friendly 

Solar lights do not consume electricity. Since it is rechargeable, it comes with a backup battery that can last up to three days. Since there is no consumption of energy, there are also no harmful emissions that can affect air quality. Due to it being eco-friendly, proposals for the installation of solar street lights are greatly favored. More protection for less the cost always appeals to city management. Since there is no operational cost, these can be installed around all areas that need lighting and there should not be an issue when it comes to the budget. 

7. Easy installation and maintenance.

One of the reasons why some areas lack street lighting is that it has not been properly maintained and it takes time to install a new one. With solar street lights, it is easily mounted on surfaces as long as it can get the energy it needs for when it recharges. It is also less tedious because there will no longer be a lot of wiring necessary.

Maintenance does not also take a lot. Periodic cleaning of the LED surface and checking the battery backup are all it takes to ensure solar street lights are operational for long periods of time. Road safety is not only the responsibility of law enforcement. It should also be a personal endeavor. In terms of securing oneself, our families and others, we can do things that can help authorities protect us better. 

Installation of proper lighting around our homes is one of the little steps we can do to contribute to ensuring the safety of our area and our neighborhood. When we opt for lighting that is not just cost-efficient but also environment-friendly, we are also helping the cause for the environment. Solar street lights provide both in one product, safety and ecological responsibility in one.

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