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LED woven fabric

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-27
Interaction with the environment is a natural function of clothing, and new materials provide more possibilities. The pattern on the board can be embroidered with silk thread, and the pattern on the cloth can be sewn with LED, there are also materials that are seemingly irrelevant, such as steel, glass, solar energy, and electronic light. They can also try to weave together to change the materials that have a new look. A few days ago, the theme was to design the 2013OCT- LOFT Creative Festival opened in Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Creative Culture Park. Nine design colleges in five countries (Or research institutions)The new design experiment project is presented in it. Lucerne University of Applied Science and Art's intelligent embroidery (E- embroideryandInteriorembroidery) Weaving the LED into the fabric, in the dim exhibition hall, the hanging fabric is dotted with stars, such as fluorescent flashes, and the effect of light is combined with the texture of the fabric. Isabel. Rosa. Professor Mugler is the research team leader of the product and textile capability center of Lucerne University of Applied Science and Art. She told us: in the past, people used to combine light and fabric by hand, few people have tried it at the level of industrial machinery. We create materials and atmosphere that combine light and fabric. The material can show light of different intensities, making it a very unique expression. Last month, underwear made of this fabric has entered the market. Mechanized production of LED fabrics has brought new possibilities to many industries such as fashion and interior decoration. The emergence of light has added new dimensions to fabrics, especially in the fashion field. Almost in sync with the research of Lucerne University of Applied Science and Technology and the arts, Tsinghua University also started research on new fabrics and smart clothing three years ago. Dr. Yan Yingchun, an associate professor of the Department of dyeing and weaving clothing at the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, said that materials that can enhance the interaction between people and the environment are a trend in the application of clothing design. The interaction between clothing and the environment is actually the interaction between people and the environment. Whether it is the natural environment or the social environment, people want to communicate with the environment. The new fabric is not only a response to the environment, but also an expression of subjective personality. Compared with conventional clothing, the new fabric can show special interest. In the research results of Tsinghua University, a kind of clothing with LED attached will have an LED on the back after the wearer says a word, which can form a complete and beautiful pattern. The path diagram of language communication is designed into a pattern, which gives communication a new visual effect. Many people are not good at communicating with others. This kind of clothing can encourage him to communicate with others in the real world. It helps people to adapt to better living conditions more actively. Yan Yingchun said that this work had been realized two years ago, and now the research has been extended to a new stage. For example, people with similar personalities can wear this kind of clothing to interact with each other. When two people approach, they may find a piece of light on each other's clothes. Because I don't know which part of each other's personality is similar, I am interested in deepening communication. In public places such as parties and meetings, this kind of clothing will facilitate the communication between strangers. The new fabrics have also inspired associations in many other fields. According to Yan Yingchun, the Tsinghua University intelligent clothing research center is currently cooperating with the Medical College to display the detected brain waves through LED clothing or accessories. For patients with impaired expression ability and people who are not good at expression, a hat and a hairpin can also show emotional changes and help resolve the pain of poor communication. Light clothing is still unable to reach the level of mass consumption. The volume of LED, the size and environmental protection of power supply, the cleaning, tailoring and comfort of new materials are all aspects that need to be continuously improved. In Yan Yingchun's view, the trend of interaction between clothing and the environment is to let nature take its course, but new materials provide more possibilities. The protective functions of the clothing itself, such as prevention and cold protection, are generated by the interaction with the natural environment. Expressing aesthetic and realistic social identity is also an interaction with the social environment. Clothing has never been separated from the environment, but LED has added interactive content. Moreover, LED is only a small step to try. In the future, more materials will be used to provide more interactive possibilities.
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