LED lighting popularization enters a new stage foreign Giants take the opportunity to grab food-ALLT

LED lighting popularization enters a new stage foreign Giants take the opportunity to grab food

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-13
In China, the popularization of LED lighting is entering a new stage. LED lighting products have entered the life of ordinary consumers from the past government-subsidized outdoor lighting, indoor lighting in public institutions, commercial facilities lighting and other uses. The 2013 s can be seen as the starting point for the rapid popularization of LED lighting in China among ordinary consumers. However, at the same time, the competition for enterprises that determine the fate of survival is also intensifying. In the competitive market, enterprises are faced with the issue of how to form differences in products. Large enterprises have adjusted their product strategies one after another, shifting from general product markets to market segments, such as transportation machinery, medical care, and the market for products for specific purposes such as agriculture. European and American companies that are good at Market Segmentation have participated in Chinese projects. Although Japanese enterprises started late, they are still expected to show their talents in China by virtue of their experience in popularizing LED lighting in the Japanese market. For Japanese companies, the Chinese market in the detonation period should not be missed. The Chinese market in 2015 was about 1 trillion yen. 2012 was an important year for the popularization of LED lighting in China. China National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R & D and Industry Alliance (CSA) He said that in 2012, the competition in China's domestic LED industry was fierce, and the price fell rapidly for one year. Starting in 2012, in the next 3 ~ Within five years, China's LED lighting industry is expected to usher in a golden period of rapid development. Regarding the scale of China's LED lighting market, Taiwan's research company LEDinside pointed out that in 2012, a series of policies and measures adopted by the Chinese government stimulated the domestic demand for LED lighting and had begun to drive China's LED general lighting market. By 2015, China's LED lighting demand is expected to reach 10 billion US dollars. By 2020, China's demand for household LED lighting is still expected to expand to 22 billion US dollars. Enterprises carrying out LED business in China are also full of confidence in the development of LED lighting market. Taiwan's LED company Jingyuan Optoelectronics believes that by 2015, LED lighting will account for about of the lighting market. The price of the product will also reach a level that the average consumer can easily afford. China Zhejiang Shenghui lighting ( ZhejiangShenghuiLighting) It is said that the price of LED lighting should only be reduced to 1. 5% of that of fluorescent lamps. Five times, it can be accepted by the Chinese market, and the price can be 2015 ~ Implemented during 2016. The central and provincial governments have strengthened subsidy policies, and the Chinese government is also promoting the popularization of LED lighting. The Chinese government has been providing policy support for the popularization of LED lighting. The 'semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry plan' was released in January 2013 and further support is also considered. The plan was jointly prepared by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. The purpose of the plan is to provide support to the industry from the national level, promote the healthy and orderly development of the semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period (Twelve five) , The Chinese government will adopt a subsidy policy to make the output value of LED lighting achieve an average annual growth rate of about 30, and increase the output value to 450 billion yuan by 2015 ( 10 lower than previously expected 500 billion yuan). Among them, the output value of high-power LED lighting products commonly used in lighting will strive to expand to 180 billion yuan. The Guangdong provincial government will also issue provincial subsidies. The 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan for the development of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong province' issued by the province in March 12, 2012 positioned eight industries such as LED lighting as new basic industries in Guangdong province, indicating that it will focus on training. The province has decided to issue a subsidy of about 22 billion yuan during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. There are various forms of subsidies. The main forms include loan interest subsidy, guarantee interest subsidy, free subsidy, bonus compensation *, equity investment, debt investment, etc. Through these subsidies, the province will strengthen the combination of financial funds and financial capital, and provide comprehensive support for technology research and development and industrialization. In addition to subsidies, the province will also provide support for the expansion of the LED market. * Replace compensation with awards = a subsidy in China. It is a policy to improve the quality of school buildings in primary and secondary schools. The whole country promotes the application in the agricultural field, and LED lighting enterprises that take the lead in quality have begun to explore the unique uses of LED. Its representative example is the application in the field of agriculture. In China, the promotion of LED lighting in the agricultural field is one of the markets worth looking forward to in the future. The Institute of Agricultural environment and sustainable development of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences stated that agriculture is the foundation of the national economy and believes that agricultural lighting will occupy an important position in the future. China's national high-tech research and development plan (Plan 863) The research project of intelligent plant factory production technology has also been launched. The project regards the following five projects as the focus of the development of LED, and China has taken the attitude of developing LED lighting in the agricultural field. 1. Research and production of LED chips and lamps for agriculture, research on low-cost LED light sources for agriculture 2. Standardization of agricultural LED light sources 3. Cooperate with international enterprises in agricultural LED light source production to cultivate competitiveness 4. Make the standard style of agricultural LED light source and build a large-scale Foundation 5. Implement capital subsidy policy to agricultural LED
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