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How to choose the suitable solar street light

Solar street light is a street light that converts solar energy into electricity for lighting, and it can be installed efficiently, quickly and simply in sunny places. It is widely used in the new rural areas, urban and rural roads, campus roads, factory roads, etc


1. The components of solar street lights

In terms of appearance and performance, solar street lights are composed of two parts: a lamp pole and a lamp head.

The choice of lamp pole will affect the overall safety and usability. The height of the lamp pole needs to be slightly greater than or equal to the width of the road; the thickness of the lamp pole needs to be considered according to the local environment. The thicker the lamp pole, the stronger the wind resistance. Ordinary lamp poles are designed as steel tapered poles, which are beautiful appearance ,durable, simple in processing technology, high in mechanical strength, and easy to make into various shapes. Common lamp 

pole cross-sections are circular, hexagonal, octagonal, etc. the wall thickness is generally 2.75-5mm.


1) When choosing a lamp holder, you need to pay attention to the wattage and the quality of the lamp holder. If the usage rate is high and the lighting area is wide, you need to choose a lamp holder with a higher wattage.

2. Service life of solar street lights

The service life of solar street lights is usually 7-8 years. The service life is mainly limited by the quality of LED lamp beads, controllers, solar panels and batteries. High-quality accessories can greatly extend the service life of solar street lights.

The climate and frequency of usage of the solar street light installation location will affect the service life of the solar street light. If the solar street light is in a humid environment for a long time, it will accelerate the aging of the accessories, thereby reducing the service life

3. Installation and layout of solar street lights

        The installation and layout of solar street lights should be selected according to the width of the road and the proposed lighting requirements. There are three traditional lighting methods: single-sided lighting, double-sided symmetrical lighting and double-sided staggered lighting.


       There is no need to lay cables when installing solar street lights, and the construction is convenient and fast. However, due to the particularity of the product, professional installation is still required for the projects and professional guidance and maintenance after installation are also factors that need to be considered when choosing solar street lights.

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