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BeOn intelligent LED bulb fire prevention anti-virus anti-intrusion

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-18
American BeON company yesterday (4) A Kickstarter campaign was launched on the 1st to bring its smart LED bulbs to market. In just one day, it has won 128 supporters and raised 34496 US dollars. BeON said that if 100000 US dollars can be raised by December 19, its light bulb will be delivered to sponsors in April 2015. BeOn smart LED bulb is like a Nest thermostat, which can learn your mode. When you leave home, use the smartphone application to set the light bulb to leave mode, and they will automatically turn on similar mode in the future. If someone rings the doorbell when you leave, the bulbs will automatically turn on in order to indicate that you are walking from the other end of the House to the door. In both cases, the thief may feel that the house is crowded and retreat. BeON has three control methods. You can use the yellow module as a switch, or you can control it through the switch on the wall. Of course, you can also use the mobile phone free APP for intelligent control. The Yellow Module is part of the bulb plug-in module, and this design allows BeON to develop new modules with different functions. We think people want products that can solve problems. BeON's CEO AlexeiErchak said. We want to approach home safety in the way we expect. But we don't want to just be another kind of camera, motion sensor, or alarm. Once the alarm sounds, it means that the intrusion has occurred and the mental trauma has already existed. However, good family safety is started before breaking in, so we have invested in an anti-theft and deterrent system in an area that is not liked. Erchak said his team also wants to avoid relying too much on smartphones. BeON is developing an application that can prompt you to install the bulb once you exceed the Bluetooth range when the bulb is in leave mode, but Erchak does not seem to like the idea. We hope as far as possible from the mobile phone. He said. BeON bulbs work like ordinary incandescent bulbs, but they are equipped with Bluetooth low power modules, a microphone to answer your doorbell, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. In addition, the internal backup battery can turn on the light to provide lighting in case of power failure.
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