Taiwan's LED bulb shipments will grow by 20 in 2013

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-08
Electricity prices in Taiwan will rise in October, which is expected to drive the demand for LED lighting. It is estimated that Taiwan's LED bulb lamp shipments will grow by 160 to in 2013. 80 thousand, and Yiguang, Delta Electric and Lunda, which have been ploughing LED lighting for a long time, are expected to benefit, encouraging the stock price to rise simultaneously today. Recently, oil prices have soared, and electricity prices will rise in October, making the market demand for energy conservation strong. In addition, the price of LED bulbs has dropped to close to the sweet spot, and buying gas has begun to emerge. According to a survey on the retail price of LED bulbs in the green energy industry under TrendForce, the average retail price of LED bulbs replacing 40W fell slightly by about in July this year. 6, reaching 15. $5; The average price of LED bulbs replacing 60W dropped slightly by 3. 5%. 3, reach 22. $6. Looking forward to the demand for LED lighting, Yiguang and Delta Power have also made every effort to attack, forming an alliance with super and 3C channel operators to launch their own brand of LED lighting bulbs, of which Yiguang has recently launched a new 8. The 5W standard LED bulb lamp has a light flux of 827 lumens, 4 LED bulbs and 10 thousand adapters, and the selling price is about 25. $4; Delta Electric also pushed double-brand LED bulbs with the unified super company. Taiwan's local manufacturers such as cankun, China Electric Appliance, Datong and Weigang also began to attack the LED bulb market with their own lighting brands, under the warming of market demand, it is estimated that Taiwan's LED bulb lamp shipments will grow by 160 to this year. 80 thousand.
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