Led solar street lamps use is to be able to cut down the cost of lighting in rural roads

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
Reduce energy consumption, reduce illume spending is always a difficult problem to the development of the rural road lighting. In order to reduce the cost of lighting implement low-carbon lighting, replace the installation of led solar street light, is the lighting cost savings, at the same time, more and more solar energy street light head to match, make the replacement cost is lower. In rural road construction work, with the advantages of technology, the solar street lamps to break the limitations of traditional street lamps use mains, implement the rural self-sufficient lighting, solve the rural power consumption, high electricity bills. But in the rural solar street light configuration, make sure good lighting time and wet weather. General rural solar street light configuration scheme for the power of 15 w - 30 w LED lighting light source lighting requirements, can be configured according to need. With the transformation, rural road engineering installation of led solar street light to bring new light source at the same time, rural also implements the rural energy saving lighting. Rely on solar power reduces the cost of road lighting, led solar street light project for rural energy-saving lighting not as a problem, reduce the energy consumption for rural road lighting more energy efficient.
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