Led solar street light practical work very long hours

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-13
Led solar street light efficiency is very high, the actual power generation efficiency yuan higher than the rated power of the solar system, so the led solar street light practical work very long hours, the brightness is bright enough, can facilitate people to travel and the lighting intensity of your vehicle. Solar street lamps light source in general is the requirement of white light, such ability will let people see clearly, reduce the traffic accident, it is not necessary to bring to people's travel security. Solar led street light for outdoor street light, the real work out its actual effect, high power generation efficiency, high brightness, good color rendering. Led solar street light with conventional street lamps is different light source adopts some low voltage dc power supply, an effective safety, energy conservation and environmental protection long service life, the response speed is faster, cover its production of high temperature at 130 degrees, reached 45 degrees below zero, and the characteristics of the unidirectional light, no light diffusing to ensure that the light efficiency, even he has unique secondary optical design, street lamp lighting, areas to further improve the shot to the lighting, lighting efficiency to achieve the purpose of energy saving.
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