LED lighting business success channel expansion to welcome the second spring

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-14
As far as LED lighting companies are concerned, they are generally the best among LED lighting groups, with sales exceeding 10 million or even hundreds of millions. It is the leading leader in the industry in the local area and even famous in the province and the country. Full of aura. This kind of LED lighting distributes a variety of first-line brand products and even monopolizes one category. They have strong financial strength and strong channel control, and they are like a fish in the familiar channels. It is also the owner of limited resources. Some LED lighting relies on these resource advantages, and they are tired of the boring operation of the old categories, and they have tested new high-margin industries or trend industries. Some are playing for the water, some are overwhelmed, and some are serious. New channels, new models, new rules of the game, but it is still necessary to test the water. Everything starts from a new beginning, otherwise it will lose money, labor and financial injury, and the expansion will be disastrous and the foundation will not be guaranteed. Of course, there are also many big businessmen who have successfully completed the expansion of channels and ushered in the second spring of their careers through mature operation and promotion. The point is, are you ready? If you are not ready, take it easy! The following is A brief comment on other industries: Case 1: A province has LED lighting for women and children, which is relatively large. The head of the company, Mr. Zhang, is very famous in the prefecture-level city, with an annual sales of more than 20 million. The channel of the maternal and child store is almost out of Monopoly. The company is getting bigger and bigger, and the reputation is increasing. There are also many manufacturers who visit the door. Zhang is also a temperament person, dare to dare to do. Last year, after being unable to help the director of a sanitary napkin company, he cooperated with it to operate the new sanitary napkin of the Super Channel. The new product is a brand new brand in the industry, but it has found a second-line star endorsement. Because the regional manager of the company encourages Mr. Zhang: with the thinking and enthusiasm of your boss Zhang and the strength of your excellent team, the mother and infant channel can operate so vigorously, why is the small business super afraid? Besides, our company supports you with certain business expenses. You are doing so big, you need to expand the channel, or it is difficult to have greater growth. Modern channels are trends, and they are not seized now, and it will be even harder in the future. Zhang always moved. In addition, the last business trip to Beijing also heard that many peers in the industry have tried new channels. Zhang, who is not to be outdone, finally decided to invest 800 thousand yuan in the operation of sanitary napkin super-channel products after two rounds of negotiations. Next, general manager Zhang delivered 200 thousand yuan in the first round, and the enthusiastic and factory managers began to recruit new teams and other preparatory work. Because it is a new channel, the old team Zhang has no staff. All new recruits. Mr. Zhang did not expect that it was difficult to recruit business personnel of the new team, and it was even more difficult to do business. He was not very professional and had to recruit special managers. The negotiation, entry and recruitment of the store made Mr. Zhang tired, after more than three months of tossing, the new product has finally completed the entry of some channels, but the business has already invested more than 200 thousand yuan, and the business personnel have come and go, and they have not been smooth for three months. After half a year, the product sales are very general. As soon as Shang Chao entered, he didn't want to come out again. Mr. Zhang gradually found that the operation of this channel was quite expensive. At this time, another manufacturer was also a business Super Channel. He told Mr. Zhang to make a product without a product portfolio, and the profitability was low, zhang Zong, who was deeply involved in it, fought again, and the result of showing the true qualities of a hero was locked up again. Later, due to the imperfection in all aspects and the lack of solid customer relationship between Shangchao and the factory manager, the assistance was not in place, not responsible for the pressure of goods, the threat of elimination at the end of the business, Zhang always quit. At the same time, the original baby channel fell by 20 because of less energy. Labor and financial injury. Until the loss, the financial crisis. Case 2: a city in Zhejiang has operated a milk brand LED lighting, and has already done a good job in the local prefecture-level city market, earning a certain profit, very happy. In order to triumph, it has occupied more regional channels. Through the relationship, we won the distribution rights of a nearby prefecture-level city. I am convinced that this brand is not a problem as long as it can be sold. Invested 6 million yuan in the new prefecture-level city, re-established a new team to enter the new area to expand the channel. Because the new team is not familiar with the local market situation. As a result, many of the new stores in the early stage were sold at a loss. The good stores did not make money, and they needed to invest money. Township 1, 2 stores, milk stations and other relatively low-cost channels are very profitable, but the channels are almost all bought out by competing products. It is difficult to enter. The display and customer sentiment were suppressed by competing products. As a result, the sales were weak, and the processing of large-date products became the main work. The progress of the market is difficult, and it has been tossing for nearly two years. There is no actual progress and hope. The loss is more than 2 million, and it is hurriedly ended. Fortunately, the background of the company is hundreds of millions of enterprises, and it is still a matter of injury. But it also paid a painful price. Lost the prestige of the industry, the reputation is also greatly reduced. The above cases are all negative cases, mainly caused by the fact that LED lighting expansion channels are not ready yet!
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