LED last weeks summary: Planning brings new opportunities LED packaging and chip production capacity

LED last week's summary: Planning brings new opportunities LED packaging and chip production capacity continues to grow

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-15
The State Council issued a new plan for the 13th Five-year war, and semiconductor lighting and other fields to meet opportunities; The scale of China's commercial display market reached 60 billion yuan; Southeast Asia video monitoring market average annual growth 7. 7. China is growing fast; In 2017, China's LED packaging capacity continued to grow, with LED chip capacity accounting for more than 50; Lianjian Optoelectronics increased its capital by US $12 million to LED display screen manufacturers; Huaxia Guangcai obtained 21. 6 million yuan capital market investment; In succession, mulinsen spent 1 billion yuan a day; With the help of development 30 billion financing, Sanan group ranks among the top in the world; Korean media burst sharp out of stock Samsung insider, the panel to raise prices; Irish researchers design pyramid quantum dot LED; Sneakers with LED screen can play VR or AR games; Think twice the wisdom street lamp equipped with outdoor P3 small-pitch LED screen appeared in Beijing. The State Council issued a new plan for the 13th Five-year war, and the semiconductor lighting and other fields to meet opportunities. After being signed and approved by Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council recently issued the '13th five-year national strategic emerging industry development plan', which mentioned that, to improve the supply capacity of core basic hardware. Improve the design level of key chips and develop chips for new applications. Accelerate the industrialization of 16/14 nanometer technology and the construction of memory production line, improve the technical level and industrial concentration of packaging and testing industry, and step up the layout of chip related fields in the post-Moore's law era. Realize active matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED), Ultra high definition (4 K/8 K) Breakthroughs in localization and scale application of quantum dot liquid crystal display and flexible display technologies. We will promote the research and development and industrialization of key technologies in the fields of intelligent sensors, power electronics, printed electronics, semiconductor lighting, inertial navigation, etc. , and enhance the supply and support capabilities of new chip components, optical communication devices, and special electronic materials. The scale of China's commercial display market reached 60 billion yuan. According to reports, the scale of this year's commercial display market is expected to reach 60 billion yuan, up about year on year. Li Ying, vice president of AVC, said that China's commercial display market was under pressure in 2016, and the scale of the commercial display market grew against the trend throughout the year. Among them, the growth rate of all-in-one tablet machine was stable, the small-pitch LED continued to double, and laser display began to enter the stage of large-scale development. However, mature products such as splicing screens, advertising machines, and hotel TVs are under great pressure and the growth rate is not high. Southeast Asia video monitoring market average annual growth 7. China is growing rapidly. According to a new study by IHS Markit video surveillance information service, the Southeast Asian video surveillance equipment market is expected to grow at from 2015 to 2020. The annual average growth rate of 7 continues to grow, and the growth rate is higher than that of East Asia, India and Oceania markets. China is a country whose growth rate of video surveillance in Asia is higher than that in Southeast Asia. Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are the three largest video surveillance markets in Southeast Asia. China's LED packaging capacity continued to grow in 2017. According to DIGITIMES, in view of the significant growth in demand for LED lighting, large-size LED display screens and LED Automotive Lighting, the capacity of China's LED packaging enterprises will continue to grow in 2017. It is estimated that the packaging capacity of mulinsen month will be further expanded to 15 billion LED chips, and Guoxing Optoelectronics will expand the LED packaging capacity by in 2016. In addition to LED packaging enterprises, China's LED epitaxial wafer and chip manufacturers Sanan Optoelectronics, Huacan optoelectronics and other upstream enterprises in the industrial chain are also expanding production capacity. Lianjian Optronics increased its capital by 12 million dollars LED display screen manufacturer Lianjian Optronics acquired Artixium's product research and development ability and innovation ability. With the help of its international channels of products and its influence in the field of European culture and sports, in order to pave the way for the entry into the field of culture and sports and the future international layout, it was decided that the wholly-owned subsidiary of the company would increase its capital by no more than US $12 million and acquire its 60 equity. Huaxia Guangcai received 21. 6 million yuan in capital market investment. Huaxia Guangcai stock raised funds totaling 21. 6 million yuan (Waiting for the approval of the stock transfer center) Among them, Keheng shares 15 million yuan to subscribe for 2 million shares of Huaxia Guangcai; Galaxy capital 6. 6 million subscribed for Huaxia Guangcai 880 thousand. The raised funds will be used for the subsidiary of Huaxia Guangcai (Jiangxi Huaxia Guangcai Display Technology Co. , Ltd)Purchase production equipment. One after another, Mu Linsen spent 1 billion yuan a day. Mu Linsen disclosed on the evening of the 20th that the company plans to invest 0. 5 billion yuan to increase the capital of Huai'an Aoyang Shunchang Optoelectronic Technology Co. , Ltd, in order to increase the company's extension to the upstream of the LED industry chain, of which 348. 8 million yuan entered the registered capital and the rest entered the capital reserve. On the same day evening MLS and the announcement said the company to 0. 5 billion yuan RMB and Yiwu Industrial Park Tibet Archie Common signed the Yiwu harmonious bright Enterprise Management Advisory Partnership Enterprise (Limited Partnership)Partnership Agreement and the establishment of a partnership. The development of 30 billion yuan helps Sanan group to rank among the top in the world. On December 22, China Development Bank and Fujian Sanan group signed the 'development financial cooperation agreement'. According to the agreement, the two sides will have deeper cooperation in M & A loans, project loans, and group loans. At the same time, CDB will fully support its key areas such as LED chips and integrated circuits to accelerate overseas mergers and acquisitions and capacity expansion with medium and long-term loans, special construction funds and industrial funds. The amount of financing involved was 30 billion yuan. Korean media burst sharp out of stock Samsung insider panel to raise prices, recently, the market reported that Sharp will no longer supply panels to Samsung next year, Japanese media pointed out that the main reason is actually the price of the two sides can not talk. South Korean media recently further disclosed the inside story of the rupture of the negotiations between Sharp and Samsung. The report pointed out that Hon Hai Chairman Guo Taiming indicated to Samsung that he would double the price of the sharp panel, and Samsung believed that it was the lion's big opening. In order to make up the gap, Samsung turned to rival LG Display (LGD)Order.
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