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LED industry expands domestic demand to promote standards to create value

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-06
Under the boom of low-carbon economy, with the spring breeze of policies, capital has poured into the LED industry one after another, and the industry's production capacity has expanded rapidly, but problems such as cost pressure have plagued the development of the LED industry, the Guangzhou International Lighting exhibition held recently took the opportunities and challenges of the Asian LED lighting industry as the theme. More than 50 LED industry experts and more than 2000 industry experts discussed the competitiveness of the LED industry. GeorgeCraford, former CTO of Philips Lighting Company and winner of American Science and Technology Medal (George Crawford) In the forum, it was pointed out that in the past, due to the quality of light sources, uneven colors and inconsistent National LED standards, this brought many restrictions to the entire industry. As a former lighting Kingdom, Taiwan's lighting industry has once again revitalized due to the entry of LED-based solid-state light sources into the lighting industry in recent years. At present, Taiwan has established a fairly complete LED industry chain in the upstream grain packaging and the midstream LED backlight module, and the industry in the downstream lighting products has begun to grow rapidly. Zhang Kongcheng, chairman of the Taiwan lighting and lighting Export Industry Association, put forward two major views of innovative LED technology to promote market development and promote LED lighting standards to create value, and expand the domestic demand market through cross-Strait exchanges and cooperation, assist Taiwan's LED industry to accelerate business opportunities to regain the reputation of Taiwan's lighting Kingdom. From the Guangzhou Tower to the Shanghai World Expo Park, and then to the Beijing Olympic venues, Philips LED lamps have entered the major public areas in China. Now, we will focus our products on home lighting. Lai Wen'an, vice president of Philips and head of the Greater China region of the group's marketing department, said in an exclusive interview with Nandu reporters that China's home lighting market reached 23 billion in 2010 and is expected to reach 50 billion in 2015. In China, Philips's home lighting sales have accounted for 1/3 of the overall lighting business. According to its introduction, Philips has built more than 230 home lighting specialty stores and more than 1000 store-in-store stores in China so far. It is planned to expand the sales network of home lighting to 1000 brand specialty stores and 3000 store-in-store stores in 2015. In addition, the B2B model of hospitals, shops and developers will also be an important marketing channel for Philips home lighting. At present, the sales volume of LED products in home lighting has exceeded 15% of the total sales volume of our LED products. Lai Wen'an believes that this data at least shows that Philips's strategy of attacking the Chinese LED home lighting market is correct. Philips held a series of theme activities not seen by guangchuang Institute in Shanghai, the first LED home lighting overall solution. The reporter saw at the press conference that Philips home lighting products cover Ledino, Livingcolors, LED candles, LED searchlights, etc. Its rich colors and design sense create a personalized atmosphere for home design. Lai Wen'an told reporters that Philips's brand has 97 brand awareness and 78 brand goodwill in China. And has established a very complete sales network. In addition to having more than 23000 stores in third-and fourth-tier cities, Philips began to establish a home lighting brand store three years ago.
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