LED enterprises can improve efficiency only by doing a good job in team cooperation

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-26
In management, apart from clear responsibilities, a problem handling mechanism should also be established, which can resolve nodules in the production process and enable employees to learn the ability to deal with problems, let similar problems be reduced in the future. How to build a fighting team? How to make the team truly become the core competitiveness of the enterprise? I think the industry has discussed many of these issues. There are many modes and various ways. However, the author believes that cooperation is very important for a truly competitive team. If the article on collaboration is done well, other affairs will be as orderly and effective as if they were stripped of silk. Then let's take a look at collaboration. It literally emphasizes coordination and cooperation, which requires us to find a way to gather people together and put them on the overall goal of the team. The author believes that if the internal and external cooperation of an enterprise is not done well, it may be an enterprise with serious internal friction, or it may be an enterprise with many problems and difficult to solve, or it may be inefficient, either it is not competitive or it is in danger of being eliminated. So, how to do a good job in teamwork and make it more efficient? I think we must first unify our goals so that the goals of the enterprise are consistent with those of the individual, so that employees can follow the enterprise instead of slacking off, shirking responsibility or not cooperating. So, how are the goals of enterprises and individuals consistent? This inevitably involves a problem: how do enterprises view their own profit view. Some enterprises make more money, but their employees still maintain a low level of income, which may be a problem with the enterprise's profit view. Only when the development achievements of the enterprise are linked with the gains of the employees can the two goals be kept consistent. The enterprise has made a profit, and the employees who have contributed have not increased their income; With the growth of enterprises and the lack of proper promotion of employees, it is difficult for such enterprises to achieve sustainable development. The author believes that doing business is not only for profits, but also for employees to make profits and develop; Only in this way can the enterprise and its employees really develop simultaneously and create a virtuous circle. Of course, in the specific operation, the monthly or quarterly production or marketing objectives of the enterprise can be directly linked to the employee's income or reward, of course, this can stimulate employees to cooperate and pay for common interests. Let the enterprise's goal be consistent with the employee's personal goal, which only opens up the main nerve of team cooperation. Just having this and ignoring other management aspects will also make team cooperation disappear. For example, the responsibility is clear. Unclear responsibilities are easy to overlap responsibilities, thus leaving an excuse for employees to push the responsibilities of the committee and causing a decline in product quality. Based on this, the responsibility system for posts and affairs is very important. Only when the responsibilities of various functional departments of the enterprise are clear and the division of labor is accurate can cooperation really become rules-based. Otherwise, it will fall into muddy management and no one will accept anyone. In this way, even if there is a common goal, it is difficult to keep pace, and of course it is impossible to talk about cooperation. In management, apart from clear responsibilities, a problem handling mechanism should also be established, which can resolve nodules in the production process and enable employees to learn the ability to deal with problems, let similar problems be reduced in the future. These management systems and mechanisms are the key to ensure the smooth progress of team cooperation. Only the less coordination, the smoother cooperation and higher production efficiency. In addition, I think an important means of teamwork is communication. Although everyone knows this truth, it is not easy to do it. Many companies have not communicated in place, resulting in frequent problems. Communication is not only the communication between the supervisor and the employee, but also the communication between the employee and the employee. The communication between the boss and the employee may be just a few words, however, it has played a great role in lubricating team cooperation. In order to strengthen the communication between employees, you can often do some activities, such as birthday parties, training sessions, and outreach training to strengthen communication and trust between employees and supervisors. In terms of teamwork, qunfujia lighting attaches great importance to it, especially in the system and humanized management, paying attention to communication and implementation of responsibilities, which makes the team cooperation strong and makes the per capita monthly production high for a long time. Last month, qunfu family organized all members to participate in high-intensity field development training, which further improved the team's cooperation and cohesion. In short, teamwork depends not only on the general direction of dredging, but also on the artistic handling of small problems. It needs to start from all aspects, and it is not a matter of long-term adherence to team management.
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