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DELO non-OLED--'Invisibility' in LED lighting industry'

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-14
Many people do not know DELO, but this does not affect DELO has penetrated into everyone's side. Zhu Yongxiang, business development manager of German industrial bonding materials, told the reporter of China semiconductor lighting network during Taipei photoelectric week that DELO occupies about of the market share in the field of smart card packaging. Within the scope, one in every two mobile phones uses DELO adhesive. According to Zhu Yongxiang, DELO is a high-tech adhesive company specializing in the production of customized high-tech adhesives located in Munich, with a history of nearly 50 years, its turnover from 2013 to 2014 was 59. 4 million euros (About 0. 5 billion RMB) Of which 65 are realized in markets outside Germany. DELO successfully transplanted the photosensitive curing originally used in the dental field into industrial adhesives (Registered Patent in 1989) For the first time, this makes it possible to quickly cure adhesives during industrial mass production. Zhu Yongxiang said that the photocurable adhesive ideologically meets the requirements of the optoelectronic industry. The adhesive can reliably bond tiny parts made of different materials in an instant without generating obvious heat. The adhesives produced by DELO are bonded from consumer electronics to chip packaging, as well as the special needs of the automotive industry and glass, plastic processing and other industries. Zhu Yongxiang said. Asia is a huge growth point, accounting for 65 percent of DELO's total operating income, with China up 15 percent. Zhu Yongxiang said that Asia will be one of our main markets. Although DELO's main business is currently concentrated in consumer electronics business, with the rise of LED lighting, LED business will also be one of DELO's key development areas in the future. According to reports, the current DELO business in LED is mainly concentrated in Europe, and will gradually develop into Asia. Especially with filp- The rise of chip technology has new requirements on the conductivity, thermal curing, length of time and transparency of adhesive materials. Zhu Yongxiang said that we have been improving our products, making products customized and winning at the starting point according to customers' needs. In the face of fierce competition, how to maintain a competitive advantage, Zhu Yongxiang said that DELO will use 15 of its annual turnover for research and development, this will make DELO's breakthrough in new fields far more likely than its competitors.
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