The LED lighting market released a warming signal in March

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-22
According to the monthly evaluation report of Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting Price Index, the lighting market gradually recovered in March with a monthly average index of 106. 32 points, 103 higher than the January this year average. 29 points up 2. 93, is the first rebound of the total index after two consecutive months of weakness in last December and January this year. Compared with the false rise of the long Spring Festival holiday in February, lighting manufacturers and merchants gradually resumed normal operation in mid-March, the market warming signal is positive. Mainly affected by the inertia of the lighting industry after the holiday, the supply time is tight and the supply and demand are strong. In addition, it was promoted by the exhibition effect of the spring exhibition of the ancient town Light Fair in March this year, which prompted the price index of March to increase slightly. It is believed that from Middle April, the production and sales of the lighting industry will turn to the normal state, the market supply and demand channels will resume smooth, and the price index will also decline with the stable supply and demand. The commercial lighting index fell by 14. In March. 76 points, monthly average is 102. 09 points, down 3 from January. 35. Commercial lighting products are directly affected by changes in market demand. In March, both commercial real estate and public works decoration did not enter the normal state, and the purchase volume of commercial lighting did not increase. At the same time, due to the popularity of LED and has covered more sub-product areas of commercial lighting, its market share is also expanding, and the decline in LED prices has driven the overall adjustment of commercial lighting products. The outdoor lighting index showed an inverted V trend in March, rising first and then falling back, with a monthly average of 111. 67 points, the overall performance is active. March is the beginning of the government's construction work. A large number of key projects and municipal facilities will be built around the country, which will increase the demand for outdoor lighting. With the increasing temperature of energy conservation and emission reduction and green lighting, the construction of LED street lamps has also been promoted on a large scale. The huge rigid market demand promotes the rapid development of outdoor lighting products. The lighting Series Index averaged 108 in March. 85 points, up 4 from January. 85. According to the monthly evaluation analysis, the lighting Series Index is relatively stable among the four series indexes, basically in a stable state of ups and downs. The main reason for the sharp rise in March this time is that the market has just finished trimming, the overall shipment has not been stabilized, which has led to higher prices. For a long time, people have described the relationship between the real estate industry and the lighting industry as skin and hair, and pointed out that if the skin does not exist, the hair will be attached. Recently, the real estate market has warmed up, and the lighting industry has warmed up. The demand for lighting products involved in home decoration has risen due to the increase in the transaction volume of the property market. The light source series index continued its decline last month in March, and then rose sharply at the end of the month to 97. A high of 99 points. According to the analysis, as the light source enterprises gradually resumed production, the original inventory was tightened after more than a month of digestion, thus pushing up prices. After middle March, all manufacturers resumed full production. The price of raw materials for traditional light source products was relatively stable. In addition, due to the gradual promotion and application of green lighting LED products, the light source Series Index will oscillate sideways in the future. Related introduction: Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting wholesale price index, as an index reflecting the changes in the wholesale price level of Guzhen Lighting, is a price index based on professional towns in Guangdong province. Different from the previous price index compiled based on large-scale professional wholesale markets, the wholesale price index of ancient town lighting takes the lighting enterprises in ancient town as the price data collection unit, 60 thousand kinds of lighting products are divided into more than 440 sub-categories to collect basic price data, and the classified price index and total index are compiled according to 5 series of light source, lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting and LED application, it is a weather vane and barometer that scientifically, objectively and accurately reflects the price change trend of the ancient town lighting market.
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