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Prices for replacing 40WLED bulbs fell in March

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-21
According to a survey on the retail price of LEDinside's new LED bulbs under the green energy business division of TrendForce, the price of LED bulbs replacing 40W in March 2014 is about 1. 3 fell slightly to 14. 9 US dollars, of which the price in China fell significantly. The average price of LED bulbs replacing 60W has remained basically unchanged and remains at 20. $8. Analyst Wang Ting pointed out that the price of LED bulb lamps was still stable and falling in March, while more manufacturers were entering the smart lighting market. In addition to Philips and Samsung, Osram has recently launched a LIGHTIFY intelligent control system that uses wireless transmission as a bridge between mobile devices and lighting. Currently, a Gateway can control 50 lamps. LG also cooperates with Daintree to develop built-in ZigBee wireless network LED lamps. In addition, Cree is also actively trying to enter the lighting control system market and develop SmartCast wireless control platform. In the future lighting market, the combination of various wireless intelligent control systems and lighting has gradually become the mainstream trend. China's price fell sharply instead of 40W commodities, and the average price of 60W commodities remained stable. In March, the price of 40W commodities in China was 14. 7 dropped sharply, and the prices of some of the original commodities were lowered. For example, Foshan Lighting 7W bulb lamp, the price this month was 4. $3 fell to about 2. 9 US dollars, the bulb luminous flux 450-500LM, providing two-year quality assurance; In addition, Hyde 5W bulb lamp has a luminous flux of 450LM and a service life of 30 thousand hours. The price this month is from 12. $3 to $4. Exchange rate rise also lead to average price down of one of the reasons. As for the average price of 40W commodities in the United States, it also showed 7. In March. 6 fell sharply. The original commodity prices basically showed a stable or downward trend, and some commodity prices fell more obviously. For example, CREE's 6W dimmable bulb lamp, after EnergyStar subsidy, the selling price in some parts of the United States fell to 4. $97. Replacing the 60W commodity part, the price in Japan in March showed 14. 8 dropped sharply to 19. $2. The original commodity prices basically showed a steady downward trend, and some high-priced items temporarily stopped selling, such as Sharp 10. 4W bulb lamp, the original price is about 32. $4. In the UK and Germany, prices rose sharply in March, and the price increase of some original commodities was more obvious. For example, Ledon12W all-round bulb lamp, the price in Germany this month was 20. $8 rose to 34. About $8.
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