LED lighting industry improves significantly in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-26
Starting from 2013, the sales volume of LED-related products at home and abroad has continued to rise, driving the sales volume to increase accordingly. LED manufacturers are running steadily in their own tracks. We have invested almost all our energy in all aspects, from research and development and production to sales channels, all links are in an orderly way. The development of LED lighting market in 2013 is booming. What new height will the development of LED lighting industry take in 2014? To enhance comprehensive strength and adapt to the international market, if major LED manufacturers are still racking their brains to think about countermeasures on how to reduce product prices in 2013, then 2014, manufacturers have turned more attention to product research and development, product patents, technology research and development, technology patents and other aspects. In fact, the total sales revenue of the LED chip industry last year was out of proportion to the total production. Simply put, manufacturers produced many products and workers were busy working overtime, however, there is no increase in income, which is very confusing and confusing. Therefore, from this year's point of view, the sales price of LED products should not drop significantly, and this trend will continue into the next year or two. Last year, many LED companies have re-adjusted their company's scale, production status, and overall structure. Acquisition, devouring, and merger are not uncommon. The following patent issues have also surfaced. Each company takes different measures to avoid risks. Some strengthen their own technology research and development, some set up patent pools, or some other methods. For example, some large companies mainly develop LED chips with high power, large area and high luminous efficiency. Such companies will acquire some small companies that are more prominent in the details of the LED industry. As a result, the technology of the enterprise in some minor details has been improved, and the overall comprehensive strength has also been improved. At the same time, some patent problems have been solved, it has opened a new breakthrough for its further expansion in the international market. The large-scale packaging market relieves the pressure of survival. The LED lighting market has always been considered as an important and promising application of LED chips. In 2013, the total output value of lighting products reached 3. 7 billion US dollars, accounting for a considerable proportion of the total LED photoelectric industry. Experts predict that in 2014, the total production and sales of LED lighting products will increase and their proportion will further increase. The lighting market has developed well, and the packaging market has also reached an all-time high. Following the wave of rapid development of the lighting market and seizing the opportunity will be the key to determine whether packaging enterprises can reach a new high. Chip companies began to do packaging, or directly do lighting products. The wide range involved will inevitably have higher requirements on the company's technology level and scale, resulting in some small enterprises being unable to meet the production demand. A phenomenon resulting from this is that large enterprises annex small enterprises and small enterprises form alliances with each other. In fact, this is to use large-scale production to alleviate the pressure of survival. Speed up the transformation speed and define the development direction. In China, the launch of the home lighting market has made many traditional lighting manufacturers gradually join the LED lighting market. In 2013, LED light sources gradually replaced traditional incandescent lamp light sources, which played an important role in the development strategy of LED manufacturers in the new year. In 2014, major manufacturers will set up a new brand image, reduce production costs, reduce purchase prices, and continue to increase promotion means to meet the new round of tests in the LED lighting market.
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